Piano chord samples

I’m looking for some samples of piano chords that I can chop up and play with. Ideally multiple chords from the same scale. Any suggestions for good sources?


sorry, just joking :grinning:

But there are so many sample packs out there.
Maybe just try splice.com?


Scaler with a piano VST. Spitfire labs has high quality free stuff.

I had planned to mic up our piano this week but my family members trip abroad is cancelled due to… eeuuhhh what was it again, forgot about it.

If I ever get to finally sample the piano, i’ll share it on the forum.



I definitely prefer to record fresh piano samples for each project when I can because it becomes part of the compositional process. As you record new ideas come out and old ideas condense.

Hope you get some personal time with a piano soon, @TonyDS!


assuming you just want something quickly to fuck about with, sat in my studio rn so I just made you a couple. the 12 second ones are both F# 7ths and the longer one is assorted 7ths


Is scaler the best chord generator plugin then?

I don’t know really, I am not so into comparing plugins because that’s an endless pit of sorrow and a total show stopper.

I just picked 1 up last black Friday and I stick to it. I use it to come up with ideas and then take the idea out of the box. It’s also a way to learn theory and take that to a keyboard/piano layout or a guitar (it can also show the scale/notes/ chords on a fretboard).