Phased Air



This collection of samples by Kyoka is as weird as it is wonderful. As a whole, it is a colorful and multi-faceted answer to a pretty unique question: what sounds more exotic, alien and exhilarating, Kyoka’s Buchla system or Kyoka’s everyday surroundings as she’s trotting the globe performing, recording and living the life of a curious electronic musician?

Besides being of high quality, impeccably original and musically useful, we like to think these samples also give us a glimpse into the beautiful mind of its creator.

127 samples: 46 sampled Buchla sounds (percussion, bass, soundwall, noise etc.) and 81 field recordings (including ambience, found sounds - ranging from German birdsong to Danish café chatter - and some unexpected pitched and percussive instruments as well).

Download free Sound Packs and purchase Phased Air here.


Thanks for this , this artist is cracker!


@Elektron The Web-link is showing for DN when it should be for DT


Thanks for spotting this, we’ve rectified now.


I have a weird policy about making all of my own sounds…but I really love Kyoka…damn you!


Same here, I do not use any presets, ever! Making my own sounds is part of the journey, fiddling for hours and hours :), but sometimes I am tempted!


I use the hell out of presets. :slight_smile:
I just tweak them to taste.


Met Kyoka a couple of months ago at a gig she was doing, part of the Outlands network. She was lovely, and her stuff was excellent. She said she had DT sound pack coming out. I will definitely pick this one up.


Hmm I think I’m going to pick this one up myself.


Demo 3 is flippin awesome, who made it? Would love to have the project for a bit of reverse engineering.