Pearl Syncussion SY1 with an ARmkii ? Anyone


So im seriously lusting after a Pearl Syncussion SY1…has anyone come close to the sound with the RYTM? Or have any suggestions to get on the ball park…? Driving me nuts…


I know from my DIYing that there were Syncussion kits floating around. Here is a site that sell them ,however its sold out currently.
If you don’t DIY yourself , you could employ a builder to do it for you and you’d have a more affordable option than the real thing.


This facebook group is an excellent resource, there are two different kits now available to build. Oh and already built kit’s are frequently for sale there too.

As to using the Rytm for those kind of sounds I simply don’t think there is enough modulation available in the Rytm but then again someone else might prove me wrong…


What if i have the ARmkii with cv in x 2 and definitely a spare lfo or oscillator for modulation…? And have upgraded so i have the dual osc as an option?


Velocity mod matrix can hit 5 parameters…
Not to mention performance (up to 48 parameters) and aftertouch (5 parameters) mods, but the velocity matrix seems useful here as it can be easily sequenced without external midi…