PC software oscilloscope

Hi all! I should like to watch my eurorack signal using an oscilloscope on PC. I never use computer to make music, so I don’t have a DAW and other software. I just want to plug my eurorack output into PC’s audio input and watch graphical representation of the signal, with frequency and amplitude. What’s the best software? Any advice?

I use real scopes (used CRT for years before I invested in a Rigol model) but I did briefly consider using a PC. My advice would be to have a look over at EEVblog for advice. I’m sure there was more than one thread dedicated to that topic.

Sorry if my answere it’s so basic (:sweat_smile:): how do you connect eurorack’s output with a real scope’s input? What kind of cable do you use? Surely not a 3.5 mm mono jack…

You usually get a break out box that connects via USB. The box will have BNC terminals, that’s the standard fir scopes and other test equipment. There art a couple of options… roll your own cables using some coaxial cable and BNC connectors. That means an initial investment in a crimping tool, ends, cable etc. Or you can use a probe and simply connect it to a jack lead. Messy but cheap. I’ve not looked into it but you could prob buy a pre made BNC to jack lead? There are also BNC to croc clip leads available.

Basically yeah, you’re just hooking up to the audio (or CV) output, depending what you want to display.

Here’s one I made for testing on the breadboard. You could easily substitute the open end for a jack plug or inline socket. There’s no ground connection on mine as I didn’t need one for that particular application.

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Thank you very much! Basically I need to obtain a BNC-jack connection :+1::+1:

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Looking on amazon you can get a crimping tool, stripping tool and a load of ends for £25. Then you’d just need cable. RG58 with a solid drawn core. It’s standard for CCTV installations. It’s handy to have a few cables made up and once you got the gear each extra cable is effectively free.

Bear in mind if you get a multi channel scope you’ll want something plugged into each channel :grin: so you’ll want enough probes at a minimum

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Something to note about using a software scope on a PC. Most audio interfaces are AC coupled. This means they have capacitors in-line to keep DC offset voltages from coming through. (which in some cases can make loud thumps, damage monitors, etc.

The side-effect of this, is that AC coupling distorts the signal. Not in an audible way (generally) but visually. You’ll notice that on a lot of videos where people use software scopes, that the square waves usually look exponential/sloped/triangular for example. This is due to the AC coupling. This could be an issue if you’re trying to view a CV for another example.

So if you’re looking for an accurate representation of the waves, it won’t quite be the case.

However, if you just want to watch it in general, or get a basic idea of what’s happening, there’s no issue at all.

Just thought I’d mention it in case you are using it for more intensive or diagnostic reasons.


If you’re still looking for software scopes, there’s Blue Cat’s Oscilloscope Multi. I used one with an AD Odio (DC-coupled as J3RK mentioned is very important). 64bit VST scopes were somewhat difficult to find a few years ago. This one has cross-track monitoring as well.

On the iPad, there’s a lot to sift through, but I like Mani’s Oscilloscope & Spectrogram, since it’s an AUv3 plugin, though it’s very basic.

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have used this for some time: Soundcard Scope there is also this one for OSX Download free iSpectrum for macOS
both are somewhat dated but should be ok for some basic visualization


Hardware or software oscilloscope? This is the question… :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not a computer guy, so my heart says to me hardware… but my PC always there on the table says to me software.
I could also buy an oscilloscope module, but most of it have a too small screen. There’s always DATA… but is expensive and 16hp plus 250mA are too much for my current rack.
Now I’ll have a good sleep, that helps to decide.
Thank you guys for all your useful advices!