Pattern not changing when length set to INF and CHG set to 64

I’m trying to have some track with a length different to 64 (like 60!fir example). So I do this and then set the pattern length (master) to INF. Then set the CHG to 64 or something else so I can move out of the current pattern. This works fine as long as I change the pattern manually. If I try to make a chain or a song, it will NOT change the pattern Ever, it remains stucked on the current pattern forever.
Anyone experienced this issue? I’m on the latest OS

I saw that this used to be a problem in Feb2016 but I think Elektron says they fixed it. i still can’t make it work

Tested and confirmed, advanced mode chng parameter not functioning correctly in song, chain, or external program change(even when sent at end of pattern)… Changes late…
(possibly only if len is longer than chng, which is usually the case though)

Haven’t filled bug report, we should…


Bug Submitted!

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This was the topic I was looking for! I’ve experienced the same thing.

I’ve had to set CHG to 16 for a somewhat delayed pattern change. This really makes playing live awkward as the OT will change pattern then the A4 catches up after 16 steps.

They say it’s not a bug…although they admit it’s not very convenient. Also suggested me using the length when using song mode and not set the chg to INF.

I don’t understand…is it the same problem really?

There is definitely a bug for sure in AR, it’s just not working…

If you make a chain including a pattern with master Len at like 512 and chng at 64, it changes after 512 steps of that pattern. (I’m pretty sure, I tested like a month ago, either way it was late and not following chng and I’m pretty sure it changed according to Len)

Same with external change sent and I think song mode. There would be no point to even have a chng parameter if this is how it’s supposed to be and it doesn’t do anything.

From the manual:

Does not work like this for chains or external, it says chains right there…

I wasn’t aware of the manual entry. Maybe we should create more support tickets…so it’s not just mine.

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I’ve actually got a couple I wrote down between AR and OT, keep putting it off, but your right…
Will do…: