Pattern copy on the fly

is it not possible to copy a newly improvised pattern into a free neighbouring slot using the copy/paste method (I can copy the pattern) - it seems you need to switch patterns first (killing the flow) and then paste ! … Using the save menu seems a bit clunky, am I missing a shortcut or a trick? I’m thinking about how best chains might work for me when improvising

Yeah, I noticed as much when conceptionally going beyond the 64 steps of a pattern. Which is why I would like Elektron to show us in a tutorial video how a pattern grows into a chain and how chains grow into a song.

Ofc, if Mr. Cenk Dataline demonstrates it, it’ll be all flying fingers and no problem at all. :wink:

you can copy any pattern to anywhere:

  • press (optionally hold) a bank select button
  • hold the trig button for the pattern you want to copy from
  • press rec/copy
  • hold trig button for the pattern you want to paste to
  • press AND HOLD stop/paste
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Yes, on the A4 you can copy n paste between patterns without switching in between! BANK + TRIG + COPY will copy and BANK + TRIG + PASTE will paste to the location which the TRIG is pressed. :alien:

Yeah, no… sure, you can copy/paste patterns.

I just wish chaining worked as intuitively as scaling a pattern across pages. Just keep playing, just keep recording…

Can you fluently live-record across the patterns of a looping chain? Need to get my head around chains and songs - fast. :thinking:

yeehah - danke - at the 10th attempt (you REALLY need to 'AND HOLD" you also get a nice screen confirmation and helpfully it keeps you in the original pattern slot) it also works for clearing too - i don’t think i read this in the manual … c r u c i a l l y though, it doesn’t play nicely with any pattern select mode other than Sequential ! That’s a shame ! Invaluable tip
My tip to Elektron is that if you monitor (and act on) the button release, rather than the button down, it could work in other play modes - albeit at the expense of a bit of interaction latency, just a thought !

[edit] - just realised you can’t even ‘save as’ a pattern ! surprised ! It would get round the issue of working in direct change pattern modes


hello – new here and sorry to bump old topic but just got an A4 and (my use of) Void and Dataline’s solution doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve updated to latest firmware. While playing, I can copy the current pattern but as soon as I select Bank + Trig (for the pattern to paste to) it switches to that (blank) pattern. I do get the countdown and it pastes but it’s also playing the silent pattern in the meantime. Any assistance it very much appreciated. Dataline even mentions that you can copy/paste without switching but I can’t find any combination of keys that includes Bank + Trig that doesn’t switch instantly to that new pattern’s Trig. Thank you!

well I’ll leave my comment here as I’ve just figured out the issue: I hadn’t realized how critical Avantronica’s comment was regarding needing to be in Sequential mode. I do think switching patterns upon release would be better for this reason but maybe it creates other issues. . . Note to future readers: Copy Paste while playing will only work the way you probably want it to if you’re in Sequential pattern mode (see 10.2 in manual). Thanks all. Awesome machine.

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Great tip, thanks. Any chance this is also possible on the Machinedrum?