Pattern Change from Ableton

Hey all,

I’m trying to trigger pattern changes from Ableton > MD with midi notes, the problem is that the MD receives the command, plays the new pattern, but then stop afterwards.

I’m not sure why this is the case, I haven’t changed any of the global settings for this stuff. What am I doing wrong?

“In the TRIG window you set how the Machinedrum should react when receiving a trig signal. When set to GATE the Machinedrum pattern will start to play once receiving a MIDI NOTE ON command and stop when receiving a MIDI NOTE OFF command. This basically means that a pattern will play for as long as a key is being held on the external trigging device. START will immediately initiate the new pattern once trigged. QUE func- tions much like how the internal Machinedrum sequcencer works, if a pattern is playing and a new MIDI note is received, the pattern currently playing will play to its end before patterns are switched.”


Thanks so much, I didn’t check the right part of the manual!

Got it working… this is incredible! Is there a way to trigger the pattern to start at X step in the sequence? Or will it only go from the beginning?

Beginning only.

In Song mode MD* recognize SPP (song pointer position). With a midi processor you can use notes to make patterns start from any step. Tested with OT, same principle, direct jump possible. Midi hacking geekery!

*Also MnM, OT, A4/AK, AR


So you would use the processor to send the SPP? or do you mean the processor is seperate from song mode? I use Max for a lot of midi stuff like this, I’m now inspired to make a pattern remixer/resequencer!

I used a midi processir to map notes to SPP.
No problem with MAX I guess.
More infos here :
SPP messages with midi controller?