Patchbay routing question


I bought a cheap Neutrik patch bay so I don’t have to keep unplugging things at the back of the mixer. I don’t have a ton of gear, but I always have one too many things to plug in.

I hooked it all up, but when I plug my guitar into the input (bottom) on the front panel, nothing is sent to the mixer. If I plug it into the output (top), I get a really quiet signal.

But if I plug it into the front panel output (top) , and plug another cable into the input (bottom), then it works just fine. Is this normal behavior?

The patchbay is half-normaled.

Here’s the diagram:



Around the back, I have the output from my guitar pedals entering at the bottom (in), and the patch-cable to my mixer’s input running from the top jack.

I understand how the bay works, and how half-normal routing works. But I also think i might have it hooked up wrong.

The idea is that can just jack straight into the mixer to practice, without firing up all the pedals.


If you bought your Neutrik patchbay second hand then it might be that someone has flipped some of the modules. I do this on purpose for some modules to support fx gear as an example.

I use the “front jack A for listen in” configuration for standard use. This should also be the configuration, if the patchbay was bought new. The gray jack B is in the front-low position.


  • rear-A is the standard-in (from a synth for example)
  • rear-B is the standard-out (goes to mixing desk)
  • front-A can be used to receive the standard-in and route it “somewhere”, while rear-A and rear-B still are connected.
  • front-B is used to hook up a particular input of gear, overwriting the standard rear-A/B routing, and sends to rear B.

Hope this was of any help …


Excellent, thanks!

Looks like I have my wiring upside-down. The patchbay is new, so it’s wired like in the diagrams. I have my instruments going to rear-B, not rear-A.

I read a lot before wiring, and everything I read said that outputs go over the input i.e on the top:

But that makes no sense when I look at the Neutrik diagram again. Your explanation is much clearer, and makes more sense.


Good to hear this … now … happy patching :wink:


One more question.

I hooked up my guitar amp’s input to the back of the patchbay. When I plug the guitar in the front, everything is great. However, when the guitar isn’t plugged in, there’s a loud buzz.

It’s the same buzz you get when you plug an instrument cable into the amp with no guitar on the other end. I know what the problem is – the input jack on the front of the patchbay needs to be grounded, or to have its circuit closed. A guitar amp input jack stays closed until you plug something in.

My question, then, is how do I do this with the Neutrik patchbay?

Do I ground the connection to the patchbay chassis?


You could make a jack with a ground connection to the pin and use it as plug-in until the guitar is used again.


That’s probably what I’ll do.

Edit: done, and works great. I have that particular patch module set as a 2-into-1 input. I can leave the shorted jack in one, and pull it half out when I plug the guitar into the other one.