Parse error, can't load my project!

I’ve been working for months in a project that will be a live show. To do so, each bank is holding 2 songs, one from pattern 1 to 8 and other from 9 to 16.

Today unfortunately when i turn on the machine, i get the ‘Parse error’ when loading my project.

After some testing, i could see that it seems only bank 2 is corrupted, so it seems i lost 2 songs.

Of course i have a backup, but not so new backup, it’s from one month ago. BUT this backup has the songs on bank 2 up to date, because i did not changed these songs since the backup, i only created new songs on new banks.

After some folder search, i can see these files on my project folder :


My question is : can i just restore these files from the backup to the current project ? Will it work ?

If not , what is my best choice, besides restore the backup and have to do again the work i’ve been doing since the last backup ?

Thanks !

I forgot to mention, when i press the ‘BANK’ button, the step 2 blinks in red. When i click on it, the message ‘Bank unavailable’ shows.

So far i’ve tested all other banks, and they seem to be ok. Looks like i ‘lost’ only bank 2.

Well i was so anxious so i could not wait a reply. I went ahead and copied the files below from the backup to the current set :

And it worked ! So far it seems the bank 2 is recovered, and the other banks stayed intact.

I’m so happy and now i’ll promise to do daily backups ! :sweat_smile:

Is this issue a signal that my CF card could be damaged ? Should i be worried ?


What OS?

There are bugs that can corrupt Projects.

One should regularly backup…

Latest OS , I always keep it updated

I’ve had people contact me to fix their corruptions (All versions); depending on what / how bad can be recoverable (or not / not worth the effort)

The [ strd ] file are backups; so you should be able to recover those as need be as you’ve found out.

Should get a good backup tool…


Man…So, glad you figured it out! Backing up my new set now :slight_smile:

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I’ve had the ‘Bank unavailable’ message two or three times since I got my OT, the trig led of the corresponding bank didn’t light up.
Was quite nervous the first time this happend^^though I found a thread on this forum about it where people recommended to reload the project or power cycle the OT.
So far, I always could solve the problem by reloading the project (or did I have to power cycle my OT? :thinking: nah, I think it was really just reloading the project.)
Maybe worth a try if it happens again before you reach for your backup files?

Have no idea if this caused this issue but just a reminder for folks only power off the OT when the card status light is dim green…


I don’t have any idea why this happens. I always check the CF led before turn the machine off, it’s even plugged on a no-break to avoid shut down in case of energy failure.

Anyway i will do daily backups from now on…