Parse error, can't load my project!

I’ve been working for months in a project that will be a live show. To do so, each bank is holding 2 songs, one from pattern 1 to 8 and other from 9 to 16.

Today unfortunately when i turn on the machine, i get the ‘Parse error’ when loading my project.

After some testing, i could see that it seems only bank 2 is corrupted, so it seems i lost 2 songs.

Of course i have a backup, but not so new backup, it’s from one month ago. BUT this backup has the songs on bank 2 up to date, because i did not changed these songs since the backup, i only created new songs on new banks.

After some folder search, i can see these files on my project folder :


My question is : can i just restore these files from the backup to the current project ? Will it work ?

If not , what is my best choice, besides restore the backup and have to do again the work i’ve been doing since the last backup ?

Thanks !

I forgot to mention, when i press the ‘BANK’ button, the step 2 blinks in red. When i click on it, the message ‘Bank unavailable’ shows.

So far i’ve tested all other banks, and they seem to be ok. Looks like i ‘lost’ only bank 2.

Well i was so anxious so i could not wait a reply. I went ahead and copied the files below from the backup to the current set :

And it worked ! So far it seems the bank 2 is recovered, and the other banks stayed intact.

I’m so happy and now i’ll promise to do daily backups ! :sweat_smile:

Is this issue a signal that my CF card could be damaged ? Should i be worried ?


What OS?

There are bugs that can corrupt Projects.

One should regularly backup…

Latest OS , I always keep it updated

I’ve had people contact me to fix their corruptions (All versions); depending on what / how bad can be recoverable (or not / not worth the effort)

The [ strd ] file are backups; so you should be able to recover those as need be as you’ve found out.

Should get a good backup tool…


Man…So, glad you figured it out! Backing up my new set now :slight_smile:

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I’ve had the ‘Bank unavailable’ message two or three times since I got my OT, the trig led of the corresponding bank didn’t light up.
Was quite nervous the first time this happend^^though I found a thread on this forum about it where people recommended to reload the project or power cycle the OT.
So far, I always could solve the problem by reloading the project (or did I have to power cycle my OT? :thinking: nah, I think it was really just reloading the project.)
Maybe worth a try if it happens again before you reach for your backup files?

Have no idea if this caused this issue but just a reminder for folks only power off the OT when the card status light is dim green…


I don’t have any idea why this happens. I always check the CF led before turn the machine off, it’s even plugged on a no-break to avoid shut down in case of energy failure.

Anyway i will do daily backups from now on…

hi everyone, i just read all these section of coments about the ( parse error problem ) and the (bank unavailable problem) too.
I have the same problem with bank 2 too, I have backups too, but I would like to know if anyone knows the root of the problem.
this problem happened to me 4 times, this is not a problem if I’m in my house with my computer, but I don’t want to have that problem when starting a live!
If anyone has any ideas, I’ll be grateful.

@klimsu if it happen regularly you might begin to suspect your CF card.
Your OT will say that the file are written when the CF card ingest it. But there is nothing which prevent the CF from being a bit old and begin to corrupt the data by itself.

If it happen for example on a monthly basis, buy a new CF and copy the content of the old to the new one. And you will see.
It could be also your OT…. But in this case changing the OT or replacing the card reader might need Elektron support.

Hi thanks for your coment! :grinning: I’ll keep it in mind! but I just bought my ot 6 months ago, and the CF card is new too (elektron original) :tired_face:

Agree with @yoyz2k.
You can try SAVE TO NEW to correct the error message, but you may not recover corrupted files if there is something on it.

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