Parameter automation within Cubase creates spikes / single events instead of continuous curves

Hi Folks,

first, to leave no questions, a few words about the setup I’m running:

I’ve connected Digitone and Digtakt via Overbridge to Cubase Pro 10 running within Win 10/64. All hardware and software got the latest updates.

All is running fine so far but, today I was using parameter automation the first time and the results left me helpless. Please refer to the picture - it’s quite self explaining, I think.

I can’t suspect Cubase of causing the Problem, since automation is working flawlessly with any other pluging I’m using. Never seen this before Overbridge came into play.

There seems to be no setting, whether within the Elektrons nor in Cubase, that provided a solution to this. Also I searched this forum but, no results so far. Any help would be highly appreciated!

…anybody? Can’t believe I am the only one having this issue.

The problem occurs even when no Elektron device is connected. So, using just the VST plugin for Digitone or Digitakt with parameter automation doesn’t work neither. Seamless DAW integration, as Elektron promised it, should look different from that, I think. :confused:
I sent a support ticket but no answer from this site, too. I’m quite disappointed at this point.

I thought I would help you out tonight, but i can’t get my cubase screen to look like yours. I started with a blank project (cubase 10 pro), added an instrument track with a digitone, clicked the expand arrow on the left lower corner of that track, selected a few parameters and drew in some automation. Good solid lines, see picture.

Looking at your photo for reference, i’m not sure you’re using an instrument track, the ‘piano’ icon seems to be missing on the left. All track categories have icons, yours is strangely empty

Thanks for your reply, luuk!
I implemented the DN and DT as rack- not as track instruments. That’s why there is no icon, I guess. As far as I know, it’s the only way to make use of the individual track outputs of the Eelektrons via overbridge. Did I get that right?
When I take the pencil or curve tool and draw the automation data manually, everything is fine. But, recording/writing the controller data on the fly gives me that strange, spiky behaviour. Please, would you give it a second try by pushing the write button and moving some controllers around? Maybe using rack instruments, too? That would be great, I’m curious about the results…