Pad sensitivity solution


A sensitivity setting would be a hugely welcome addition. Even just adjusting the velocity scaling would be helpful. Although at this point I’m not hopeful.

What I don’t understand is if crosstalk is the issue why do the pads respond fine in mute mode? I can give the lightest tap to mute tracks but actually triggering a track sound requires two fingers and enough force that it hurts, and that still results in a far-too-quiet hit. They’re basically unplayable for me.

Some people say it gets better over time but I’ve had mine for years now with no improvement (maybe people just get stronger fingers.)


I found the Issue and I know how to fix it. But I guess for a good Solution I need Elektrons Help. I am uploading a Video which shows exactly what the Problem ist. Be patient…

Here is the Link:

One Solution could be to buy a defect NI Maschine and use it’s Carbon Layer for the Rytm. For sure you need to cut out all the twelve Parts and also take care of the Screw holes but it is a solid and possible Solution with amazing Results.

I opened a Ticket at Elektron. And I also wrote a Mail to because they sell a Kind of High-Resistance Carbon Film PVC but I am not sure what that exactly is. I will update you soon. Oh yes and I also wrote a Mail to NI. But I think they will not sell inside Parts.

Update: NI answered and they will not sell inside Parts. But has a NI MKII Sheet ( )


Whoa that’s amazing!


That vid is awesome. ELEKTRON PLEASE UPDATE/REPLACE CARBONs FOR RYTM!!! It would become the dream machine.

MPCstuff sells carbon separately.

If you DO this…PLEASE let us know how well it werks. Ill do it in a heartbeat if it werks.

Youre right, you have to hit the pads too hard for them to be worth finger drumming with.


MPC Live



I think those Carbon Sensors could be a good chance:

Unfortunetly the Shipping cost 45$. I’ll ask them if they can send it via a Letter instead. I asked them. Let’s see what they say.


that would be good! Their shipping is a shocker outside of the US


Really interesting to see the difference between the too sensor sheets. I’m the owner of a Rytm MKII and I would greatly appreciate to have more sensitive pads. Kudos for the investigation :+1:.

Would be really great if Elektron could have a look at this, I think that adjusting the size/position between sheets could be really cumbersome for a diy solution.

Also if the sensor sheet is the only problem, I’m not sure why Elektron did not replace them with the MKIIs (maybe they get too sensitive for things such as performance macros, etc.).


What does “Kudos” mean ?! ;)) But thanks !!

MPCStuff told me that the Shipping for the Letter is almost the same 45$ - unbelievable.

They also told me that they can offer me the OEM Rytm Carbon Sensor Sheet. I asked them if they can send me some Pictures to see if there is any Difference to mine.


“Kudos” is praise given for an achievement. It’s a good thing :slight_smile:


I was sure, that it is a good Thing ! :wink:


The Shipping is not MPCStuff’s Issue it’s because of Borders and People which wants to get us rid of Money - welcome to our Planet! Damn. Anyway. Let’s wait for ELektron’s Answer. I am pretty sure that the Carbon Surface of the Carbon from the Elektron Rytm Sensor Sheet differs a lot to the eg NI MKII Sensor Sheet. The Surface of the Carbon of the NI MKII is much less Glossy so I think the electricity Contact is much better.

And to answer the Question from @redrabbit: I tested also the Perfomance Mode with the NI MKII Sensor Sheet and it is much more responsible which is not a bad think in my Experience because with the Elektron Sheet I always feld to press the Buttons like hell to get at the End of the Parameter Values. And I am not sure if that is a good Behaviour. In other Words the MKII Sensor Sheet makes the Perfomance Mode more Fun because you can get more sensitive instead of give Strength to the Pads.


I wonder if the shine was buffed off the elektron carbon, VERY lightly with and extremely fine sand paper…like a couple passes, would help with conductivity?

Or perhaps wipe the carbon with a little alcohol? I dont know if that could damage them.

adding: i wonder if in production of the electron carbon layer…that that “shine” you noted is a protective coating that may have been applied to the carbon. i seem to see that other carbons and “how to’s” for fixing pads in samplers requires dulling the contacts.
just spit balling here.


Top marks!


i wonder if its worth ordering a Rytm sheet from MPCstuff, and testing wiping the contacts and see if that helps :thinking:


I am still waiting for Elektrons and MPCStuffs Responses. MPCStuff wanted to figure out if they can offer a OEM Elektron Rytm Carbon Layer. And Elektron seems not to answer to Tickets.

@phaelam Very good Idea to change the Carbon Surface with Sandpaper or whatever to make it less glossy. I will try that and let you know.


Just a heads up: Elektron is notorious at not being very helpful with outside intervention. But I do hope they respond: a glaring blemish on an otherwise beautiful unit.


I tried the Sandpaper Workaround. It doesn’t work because the Carbon Layer on the Sheet is so damn thin that with a 240 Sandpaper you will remove the whole Carbon. Maybe that’s also the Reason for the bad Behaviour because on the NI MKII Carbon Sheet the Carbon is alot thicker.


I think I will try one of those:
I will order the 25mm Ones because the Carbon has a Size of 18x18 mm and has aDiagonal of 25mm. If they work I can share the rest. It has 50 Pieces and I just need 12.

Damn, they are two sided adhesive.

You know what you remember the old Days where Typewriters used those Carbonpaper to copy Letters ? Those ones exactly what I need here. I will try those:

Ok Carbon Paper doesn’t work - stupid I am ?!


Have not looked into this thread too much, but this kind of product could be worth a shot:


Yes, indeed looks promising.