Pad sensitivity solution

After several unanswered Tickets at Elektron I wrote a Message to them via the Contact Form - hopefully this will get any progress.

Hi all,

thanks for your amazing crafted Hardware Devices !

But it’s not enough to sell expensive cool Devices it’s also necessary to support Custmers if they have Problems. A lot of People have very big Problems with your Rytm Pads MKI and MKII. We already figured out in the Elektronauts Forum ( Pad sensitivity solution ) what exactly the Issue is and how to fix it. Unfortunately you guys don’t answer in this Forum - I know it’s not Elektron’s official Forum but I guess you know about and if you take care of good Customer Care you should be aware of. And you also do not answer to Tickets for Days. Maybe that’s a strategy but it makes Customers unsatisfied. I hope this Message will reach you and hopefully you will answer.

Thank’s a lot!
Dirk Schiller

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So…the response will be a little slower than some others. You will get a response. Keep in mind superbooth is on. Thatll quiet things even for a few days after.

Be patient. :+1:t5:

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Possible that you are right. Let’s see.

Elektron will send me FSR Film for my Rytm. Let’s see what I get :)))


Is this film just a replacement or a different kind?

I don’t know. For me it sounds like some Material to repair it but maybe it’s a new Sheet. Will let you know.

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Ya if you could. And let us know if the sensitivity improves or not.




Yes sure. WIll do that!

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I’m so excited about this thread. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it.

I’ve had a problem for a while, and have sent my Analog RYTM Mk1 to Elektron support about 3 times already, and my issue persists — my Hihat CL triggers my Hihat OP sometimes… and sometimes, the hihat buttons don’t even work at all.

I was gonna crack open my RYTM again to see if I can maybe figure out the issue, but I was apprehensive about it. But this thread motivated me :slight_smile:

So howd this turn out? curious

I just wonder if there was another carbon that could be used. Or if they could have another made. Id pay for a better carbon for sure.

Love the AR, but the pads are unfun. :frowning:

would be amazing to see mpcstuff start providing updated carbon, and even custom from panels for the rytm mk1. like an mpc2500 inpsired colored panel and buttons would be super cool.

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My main contention with my pads is that they sporadically don’t work correctly. I got over the sensitivity issue long ago… I just focus on synthesis.

But now I’m stuck in a bad situation because I’ve been using my RYTM on/off since 2015, and now I can’t use it without the pads. I know the sequencer buttons on the bottom double as drum pads (like the MD or MnM), but my instinct now is to hit those rubber pads to sequence my drums. And when I hit the hihat, it glitches out.

When I hit the hihat pad, the open and closed hihat pads flicker, and half the time those two pads just stop working altogether.

Even my kick pad fails sometimes. I have to wiggle the pad in its place and then it works again for a while. It’s pretty frustrating.

So, I’m gonna crack it open this weekend and try to get it cleaned, or whatever. Idk
I give up sending it to Elektron, they keep it for over a month and it comes back the same. (2 or 3 times already)

(…actually, one time it came back with loose screws inside… wtf)

I have messed with this problem for sometime. My most reliable solution is to let the unit warm up for some minutes, and press to max every pad that misbehaves and its neighbors (in my case, 1 misbehaves with 3 neighbors). It seems as if I am resetting the min and max sensitivity of the pads. It works great after that, unless I leave it waiting for too long (more than an hour)

On my Rytm mk2 they are 100% better than my push 2 pads…
Push 2 pads are terrible in comparison in sensitivity and feel


I bet Elektron got A LOT of complaints about the pads, so they had to update them (which also meant a bigger frame (which consequently meant breaking the mold of classic Elektron boxes))

I think the Mk1 pads, though pretty tiny, got the job done way better than the sequencer buttons would have. Too bad they seem to have gone cheap on the guts of the pads. (Had they just kept them small, but done it right, I think it would have been fine)

Do you think this one could be a good match ?

Seem it is not a good solution and it’s better to call Elektron for this.

Today I’ve clean the PCB and the plastic sheet because three pad were really not sensitive and I need to remove velocity to pad to use them.
It’s a bit better now. They still are not as good as new one. But there is a slight improvement and I can again use the velocity.
I don’t recommend anyone to do that if he has never done things like this in the past. Better call a electronical tech to do it.

Out of curiosity - has anyone attempted to use Akai or NI Maschine carbon pads on the RYTM? and if they dont fit, has anyone tried to cut out the carbon squares and adhere them to the original RYTM carbon sheet?. If that video above is any indication, the results may very well be worth it.