Pad leds in daylight... not so bright


Hi guys,

Had my first gig last weekend (with SB-SIX) in daylight and I must say I had a hard time looking for the back lighting of the pads. I was standing in the shade, but it was a very sunny day, and I had a very hard time seeing the blue pads of the scenes mode. The mutes (green) were a bit better to recognize. In my studio they are very bright and I really don’t want them to be brighter, but it is definitely something to take into account when doing a performance in daylight. My guess is they won’t be readable at all in direct sunlight.



Same for most things. We were once playing a festival at 12:00 midday and I couldn’t see any of the pads on my Korg ESX-1, nor the LEDs on my P3 sequencer. Talk about guesswork! Ditto for a spot we had at 7am at another festival where it was so bright I played under a sheet… most people seemed to suggest I should always do that in future.


There’s some manufacturers warnings about direct sunlight in the manual intro FYI


the same here:


I played in my garden… and i couldnt see the blinky lights on my machinedrum nor my octatrack… couldnt make sense of the screen either

So yeah, i can imagine there was allot of guesswork… but i do wonder a bit if brighter lights would have helped out… Next time i might put them in a bananabox…
as a small shelter… that should keep the sun out…

i definatly liked that sheet-idea… paint some ghost-faces on it hihihi


I have the reverse problem: the mute page green pads blind me when playing in the dark…

That said: many devices like digital mixers, light controller tables etc suffer from illegibility in direct sunlight, and some even in not so direct sunlight, just bright daylight.


…in Mute Mode i can hardly see (read: not see) the difference between the green pads and the active yellow pad in any light ;/
(yes i have been tested positive for Slight colorblindness, but i never had any limiting issues in with it untill now).


maybe you have halitosis


or is it, because the led lights up yellow only for a few seconds.
i am wondering why i never know/ can seem to see what is the active track in mute mode. this bothered my from the start…