Overhub not connecting devices to Overbridge

I wrote a support ticket, but wondering if anyone else has run into this recently. I have an Overhub connected to my MacBook with several devices on it, mostly Elektron’s but also a MdiiHub and Torso T1. I recently updated Overbridge because I was having issues connecting. I did the full method of uninstalling, reinstalling, and restarting, but I still can’t connect.

I tried using different USB cables from my Elektron devices to the Overhub, as well as different USB C cables from the Overhub to my MacBook, and different USB ports on my MacBook to the Overhub. I also removed everything from the Overhub except a single Elektron device, and tried this with several different devices.

Also, I can’t connect to my Octatrack or MidiHub through the Overhub. Again I tried this with all other devices off, so it’s not a power consumption issue as far as I can tell.

I can connect to Overbridge if I go directly from any of the devices straight into my MacBook, so it’s not that.

All of this was working fine until probably a few weeks ago.

The Overhub is 2 years and 1 month old, so I’m not sure what kind of warranty is attached to these but I imagine I’ve passed that point.

Any suggestions?

Did you get any response from support or from any members here? My Overhub wont let my audio interface connect to my computer and I don’t understand why. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!

If the device works when connecting directly I’d just replace it. At the time it was released there were less MTT supporting hubs but today you can get a cheap Anker or so on.

Mine just died. No recourse. I think it might have something to do with plugging in a USB-powered device without having an additional power.

Customer service was helpful, but I ended up just buying an Anker hub and it seems to be ok.

However, I did notice when I have all my devices on (4 Elektrons, 2 Midi interfaces, and a sequencer), my computer would periodically freeze entirely and all connection between devices would stop for a few seconds until everything came back.

I’m dealing with a pretty old MacBook, so it could have just been overloaded, but I don’t recall that happening with the Overhub.