Overbridge with Digital Performer 9.5

Hi there - could use some help or direction!

Trying to get Overbridge (using the Analog RYTM) to work properly in Digital Performer 9.5

When I load the VST plug-in, it gives me a message saying “Your host audio buffer size is 2048 samples. It is recommended that you use 256 samples or lower. Please re-configure your host.” Then anytime I do almost anything in Digital Performer, it crashes.

In this instance, my host is DP, correct? I currently have my hardware driver (Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt) set at a buffer size of 256. I’m not sure where Overbridge is getting is 2048. What do I need to change, and where?

If DP is not my host, what is? What am I missing here? Forgive me if this is obvious, I’m relatively new to this kind of musical work.

Some (maybe) useful context: I’m running a mid-2015 MacBook Pro w/ 16GB ram … macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6 … my interface is a Universal Audio Apollo Twin … Overbridge 1.15.0 … RYTM on the latest OS.

Thank you!

Hi, do you have an answer to your problem between Overbridge and Motu DP ?

I have quite the same configuration and have the same issue as you.


Hi there… I was not able to resolve this problem. I asked Elektron about this at the time, but I don’t think they were able to resolve it, and didn’t have plans to fix it… their advice for me was to wait on the new version of Overbridge, which I believe is out now in Beta… you might try that… I have since upgraded to the Rythm MkII, and have yet to check out the new Overbridge to see if it’s compatible with DP.