Overbridge /vst/ Reason

Also overbridge will be free for all owners. The tiered pricing model was abandoned when the delays started.

MIDI over USB works (doesn’t require Overbridge) to control the A4 itself. BUT as already stated multiple times, you cannot route it out via the DIN midi connectors (the other way around in via DIN midi and out via USB also doesn’t work).

And forget about the price. That was before they delayed it and changed their mind.

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I’ll stop banging on about MIDI over USB now!
Ta for the info on price… I’ll get my coat.

Since some of you tested OB Beta with Reason, how is the sync between the two?
Is sync handled via the OB Plugin or do i need to sync it in the Reason preferences via Clock?
Does it use alot of CPU?
Do i need to have an audio driver like asio4all which can integrate the signals of two audio interfaces (Digitakt and my main interface) or does the plugin work with my regular interface?

BTW it is actually good that OB doesnt include Midi because Reason doesnt support VST Midi atm, so whatever Midi would have come into the OB Plugin wouldnt be able to leave the plugin. And some plugins which incorporate Midi then disable external midi.

The Overbridge VST doesn’t use the configured audio interface of the DAW at all. For the DAW it looks like that audio is magically coming out of the VST.

Internally Overbridge VST uses it’s own driver (not a regular audio driver) which can be configured (buffer size and stuff) within the VST itself.

It’s designed this way so you can use a regular audio interface and the Overbridge VST at the same time (which wouldn’t be possible on Windows otherwise).

The vst acts exactly like an instrument plugin sync and delay compensation keep things in time. Or would if Reason had better vst performance lol

Does this mean I can multitrack record audio into my daw from my Digitone in real-time and also record my outputs from my Yamaha MG10xu (mixer with usb audio interface) ? This would be great!

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Yes, you can.

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Game changer, dayum! Latency might be a nightmare though. I didn’t think it would work this way. Hopefully Cubase 5 doesn’t buckle under the pressure as well.

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So when digitone vst is out it will handle the audio for that device and you use whatever dedicated soundcard for the rest. Latency for the elektrons is handled by the daws delay compensation. It does require a pretty beefy system to support.

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Since this is quite an old version of Cubase: Are you, btw, a Windows 7 user (like me)? Because for Windows 7 users there are bad news: Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta requires Win10 … :frowning:

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Lucky for me I use Windows 10. It would be nice if they have support for Windows 7, that’s unfortunate news. That’s a great operating system, I still use it on my desktop computer. If I have some down time today I may download overbridge beta for Digitone and test it.

I should probably update my Cubase 5, but it works fine for me. Will test the latency and see if overbridge forces me to update.

Still bad news for you: Overbridge Beta for Digitone is coming later.

See first post (in section “The suite includes” / last point) here:


It looks as if I could still use the Digitone as a sound card so I should be able to stream all audio tracks or does it just act as a 2 in 2 out device?

From the description it’s not really clear. I would say just try it :slight_smile:

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All audio streams are available you just don’t have the vst. So your drivers to use digitone as a 12 track audio interface are there.

hi there, anyone had issue installing overbridge for digitakt with the files on macOS? maybe I’m missing something :frowning:

Im a wee bit behind, but I hear the 10.3 update was released. Anybody know if that’s fixed the overbridge vst issue?

Hi all, Im trying to follow this thread and apply it to my issue. That is I have reason 10 and a Rytm1, can USB midi etc and trigger or sync the rytm no problem. However I wanted to use OB as a VST within reason but when I open OB at the top it says “No device selected!” If I drop down that menu the only option is auto select so its almost like OB isn’t seeing my Rytm1. Ive tried looking up a few things but nothing seems to work, am I missing something? does anyone know

Is it in overbridge mode on the Rytm ?