Overbridge question

I’m going to record my Syntakt song into my DAW (Tracktion Waveform).
After some setting up, this works fine.
However, I get the separate Syntakt tracks as mono inputs in the DAW. Is this normal?
This means that any panning effects done in the tracks get lost and also the overall panning of the tracks.
I get the FX track, delay/reverb and main L/R as stereo inputs but not the individual tracks.

This is correct you lose all the panning when recording via overbridge if i remember correctly. I believe its also mentioned in the manuel somewhere.

yes. You get mono track with overbridge. You have to make the mix within the daw.

Mixing in the DAW is of course possible but I have done panning as part of some of my patterns. This can’t be recreated in the DAW.
So the solution will have to be that I solo the track that contains the panning effects and record that through the main L/R out. Then I can record the rest of the tracks separately, in another pass.


Yeah, it’s an annoyance.

I’ll use audio-rate panning for sound design sometimes, or just carefully panned hits per step but none of it transfers.

Typically now, I’ll decide if a song is going to live on the elektron device mainly, or if I will be using DAW to expand and mix the I/Os as opposed to just recording the master output.

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To make it work I usually keep the stuff I pan on the main mix, and route out what’s not panned. Im doing this on the digitakt but it could work even better on the syntakt cause there’s a dedicated fx track.


Thanks for your insights! For this song, I will probably record the main mix from the Syntakt in the DAW and just add vocals. We’ll se how well that works.