Overbridge in Bitwig - send midi CCs?


I have my overbridge machines connected via USB to my computer. All machines are audible from the plugins and I have it set up so that I can also sequence from my Cirklon if I like.

I simply assign the instrument on my Cirklon and then choose midi channel and it’ll play whichever midi channel chosen on the Elektron machine all above USB (I’m clocking via Bitwig USB otherwise this wouldn’t be possible).

The only thing I can’t figure out (fairly new to Bitwig so may be something I’m missing there) is how I can send MIDI CCs from Cirklon to the overbridge plugin.

If I map say track 1 to track 1 tune - great. But this only assigns it on that midi channel, meaning I’ll have to go through every parameter (12 syntakt tracks x 128 midi CCs) which will take ages.

Is there no way to pass through the MIDI CC on the same channel and have multitimbral control of my syntakt without having to manually assign each parameter to an incoming MIDI CC from Cirklon?

Thanks in advance for any help here! Hard to even explain so I hope it is somewhat understood what I’m trying to achieve.