Overbridge in Audiomulch

I am considering purchasing a new computer to be able to use Overbridge with my Analog 4. My main software host is Audiomulch. Does anyone here use this combination? If it doesn’t work this will effect my decision. I searched this topic and only found older posts. Sorry if this topic has been covered.

I’ve tried it - seems to work fine.


Just seeing this. Thank You. This is very helpful, and good news.

Well, since I posted that I gave it another try.
Sidechain inputs aren’t work too well. Glitches galore.
Only using the synth voices seems fine though.

Have you tried processing the individual voices with vst/au plugins? That’s what i envisioned being able to do.

Different topic : Audiomulch user here.

I have to master some tracks asap. I have downloaded Landr mastering plugin free trial but I can’t load it whithin AM. Tried everything I could. Is this a lost cause ?

probably lost cause. you can check the audiomulch forum though. i think it’s still there. but what OS CPU etc are you using? do you have some other host you can use? there’s probably something free you can download that supports plug ins… or perhaps you can demo something like Live… or just download Reaper. it’s fully functional and you can essentially demo it forever.


maybe there‘s a conflict between 32bit and 64bit software: as far as i can see audiomulch is 32bit and you therefore can‘t launch newer 64bit plugins within audiomulch unless you use some kind of bitbridging plugin.

Last release of AM was 7 years ago so you’re probably not going to be using it with modern plugs, unfortunately. Grab Reaper as mentioned above, it’s perfect for what you need right now.

Hey, thank you so much. I’ve downloaded Reaper to realise it looks pretty much my Audacity. Then updated Audacity for a new version that accepts fx plugins and it works ! There was some unexpected quirks… but the job got done. :+1:

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