Overbridge Digitakt velocity?


When using my Digitakt with Overbridge running in Ableton some of my tracks respond to velocity sent from Live, and others do not. I’m sure I’m missing something simple…

Can anyone tell me why some of my tracks always play at the same 127 velocity regardless of what velocity value I send from Live?


That seems less likely than they merely appear to sound like they would if at full velocity - I presume the DT has a velocity mod matrix and possibly a separate tickbox linking velocity to volume - the lower incoming velocity is just not being utilised ( a DT owner can confirm - other boxes work that way )


Hmm. I don’t think Digitakt has a mod matrix. I’ve looked through all the pages for each track on the device and in Overbridge and I can’t seem to find any difference between the tracks that are responding to velocity from Live and those that are not responding, but there has to be a difference that I am missing. Hope someone can provide me with the info that will make me go, “duh!” :wink:


Assign the dt to different midi channels

It might be a weird quirk , eg track 1 is fine assigned to 1 , but if assigned to 2 then velocity is broken ?

Maybe check distortion / gain etc.
Try same sound on all tracks , it might highlight a bug
Check for any trig data on internal patterns.


This sounds like it’s related to the thread I just started - MIDI tracks are ignoring velocity intermittently. Also some erratic MIDI behavior like address B and getting G. Also note number seems to be remapping erratically.