Overbridge beta sign-up

The private beta sign-up for Overbridge is now open. We invite applications to join via this link.

With the release of Digitakt II it has been necessary to develop new audio driver technology, and the expectation is that this beta will speed up the public release of a Digitakt II-ready Overbridge.

And in case you missed the news, an updated version of Transfer and an official OS upgrade for Digitakt II are available below.

Download Transfer 1.8
Download Digitakt II OS 1.01


Nice! But when I choose Windows 11, the next page says ‘since you are using MacOS’. Looks not right to me.

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Sorry if I’ve misunderstood, but I registered and haven’t received a link for the OB Beta.

Same here, but i think it’s some form of combination of
A. The registration was an opt-in to being invited (based on their needs platform/setupwise),
and B. They were away yesterday due to public holiday :slight_smile:


So is there an OB beta for DT2?
Have I missed something?

Has there been any more information on this beta yet?

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Finally received my DT2 and registered it. But the sign-up for the beta seems to be closed now. Does this mean that a new beta or public beta is on the way?

Same question.

I’m going to assume ( I’m not part of any beta testing atm )

The fact they opened beta registration means there is a beta being worked on , otherwise why bother.

Overbridge is a huge component of elektron devices so I doubt they’re ditching it

They mentioned some of the capabilities of digitakt 2 overbridge publicly - so let’s also assume it’s being worked on

The fact that registration is closed could mean they’ve had enough people apply for an initial round of compatibility. Typically there’s an internal set of people doing testing / feedback and once it is stable enough it’s released… and this is done multiple times … the current overbridge has been developed that way for years … as they release new equipment and add new features to existing gear I would expect it to continue

As to when / any dates … I’m not aware there is any set date atm , I’d expect they’re balancing the work on bug fixing and overbridge development, and the typical holiday period as the summer approaches.