Overbridge Beta: Apple M1 / Big Sur

Am sure I read somewhere there is a beta version of Overbridge for Apple Silicon / Big Sur - anyone know where I can find it? Thanks!

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I’m after the same as well

as if by magic… Overbridge 2.0.53 for macOS Big Sur - Public Beta

Will be interesting to hear about the performance on this release.

Just deleted the previous version and installed the latest ( and… it works ! I now have access back again in standalone and DAW mode (MBP 16 Intel / Big Sur 11.4 / Logic here). The driver seem to have been cooked the right way. A new ‘Digitone’ banner showed up in the audio/midi configuration. The OB app wasn’t working until I saw a tiny message in the lower left corner mentioning a sync activity with my Digitone. After a few seconds, the digital creature came back to life for new Overbridge adventures. I’m a happy Elektronaut now !

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New upgrade working clean on a whistle on big sur