Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta - Plugins, Drivers and Firmware

That’s a real bummer :frowning:

Update: It is possible to run it on Windows 7 (unsupported doesn’t mean it doesn’t work). See some of the posts below.


Ah crap. Maybe for the release they’ll open Overbridge to older OS if there are no requirements behind it, while advertising it as “unsupported”.
But as a dev, I know for a fact that “unsupported” features usually give a lot of work to the support… :smiley:

Awesome, let the testing begin !

Great news :slight_smile: looking forward to taking it for a test drive later

Does this mean its better to open a blank project on A4 /AR etc before using this total recall feature?

Add Windows 95 support please :frowning:


You could. If you start on ob and then add stuff later outside the daw. You will get a notification on on the screen of the ob device asking to sync. You’re given the choice to sync device to the daw or sync the daw to what you have done on the device. When in doubt. Sync to the device and lose what was in the daw project.

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Amazing! Finally the day has come! I have been dreaming of this. It simplifies so much for me. Hopes its stable enough to try it on my Digitone though.
I don’t want to upgrade if its unstable. Has anyone tried it on the Digitone yet?

when update for Mojave OS 10.14.2 ? :rofl:


When you load a project in your DAW with OB plugins that have Total Recall enabled you can get the option, on each machine, to choose the plugin state or not. I don’t really see the issue with the functionality when it has that feature.

If you happen to load the plugin state anyway that’s not exactly Overbridges fault.

Also, how would you expect them to implement it differently?

So while all the software installs fine using PlayOnLinux, the A4 isn’t recognised as an Overbridge device. Ah well.

It’s not even possible to buy a new legal license. It’s time to let that OS go.


Just a stupid question: Have you enabled Overbridge in the global settings of the A4?

Did you set Ovebridge Mode and not USB MIDI mode?



Did you make sure your A4 is set to Overbridge mode? It’s probably obvious but I missed this myself and couldn’t work out why my A4mkII wasn’t being detected.

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Thank you Elektron. Sorry for my bitching and moaning. Ironically enough this comes out just weeks after I put my entire studio in storage pending a move of location :slight_smile: lol

gonna have to dig out the DT and try this out.

Will let people know how it works with Digital Performer (not that anyone other than me uses DP, but it’s one of the few cross platform DAWs that supports both VST and AU.)


I’m gonna wait until there are AU versions available so I can use OB within Logic, but this is very good news.


:pray: I too will pray that AU is here soon. :pray:


If you pray for it, I imagine it’ll be here in a flash, Jesus.


So is over bridge beta released for Digitone or am I reading this incorrectly? it looks as if the beta driver is available for download but the standalone editor and plugin are not. Can someone clarify?