Overbridge 2.0.37: tech discussion

Thanks now i can play it in tunes. But now i have trouble to use it with ableton live 10. Yes i can drag the audio captured files to clips. But i can’t understand how to use it as plug in and soundcard yet. I need more tutorial.

This is how you set up plugin usage, not mine but it’s how it works.
Remember to read the disclaimer.

When using it as a sound card just select it for use in your OS on your computer.

More information on everything is found in https://www.elektron.se/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Overbridge-User-Manual_ENG_OS2.0_200416.pdf

And there are some Ableton templates at https://www.elektronauts.com/files/506


For a while now, you find the OS version and the creation date both in the PDF file name and at the bottom of the intruduction page inside the manual. I sometimes make small fixes or clean up things in the manual between the OS releases so there could be multiple versions of the manual within one release.
As you have noticed, you cant trust Google to point you to the latest version of the manual (we are looking in to trying to fix this on our end.) You should instead always go to the Elektron site and download the manual from there.


Ya I was just telling that to someone.
Your site is really the only spot people should be grabbing the manual to be sure you get latest.

I only suggested the idea, so whatever floating out around on the net has an ID. People mess with file names when they repost stuff too. Tagged on the cover would just obvious to see.
Shit on the net lives forever :confused:

Thanks man

No worries, and thanks for brining it up :slight_smile: I will have a chat with the people who are in change of design and see what they think about versions on the cover.

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Ran into the issue of updating from the last beta to the release version and having no luck with Overbridge seeing my devices. Then, even after killing the Overbridge Engine and restarting, I was unable to uninstall the software in Windows 10. The uninstaller would give a “process ended prematurely due to an error” message, and so I thought I’d have to submit a ticket.

This is at your own risk (worst case scenario, you’d have to reinstall Windows), but I was able to get Revo Uninstaller to finally uninstall the application. Once uninstalled, restart the machine and reinstall Overbridge, and then everything should work again.

So, if your Overbridge uninstall is stuck and you are impatient like me and you don’t want to submit a ticket, you can take a little bit of a risk and use Revo Uninstaller. I’ve recorded tracks since doing this, so I know it is working properly with both Digitakt and Digitone.

It’s not stuck. I waited for what seemed like 10min one time. I was SO close to power cycling my machine. And it rebooted JUST as I was reaching for the power.

Just sit tite. I think if yer coming up on 20min with no restart…that’s def a sign it’s not werking.

actual OB2 on actual DT, fully updated Win10, Ableton 10, Original USB wire on USB3 first try —> visual feedback of all controls got stuck, audio stop/play/syncing is working

i´ve been waiting many years to give this a try and my first experience is:
what the hell i´ve been waiting for :man_shrugging:

i´m sorry to say, but that overbridge-lifetime-drama-pieceofsh… will never be installed again on my harddisks!

and now you seem to have given up after a first try… without asking for help, instead just leaving an emotional and negative comment about being done with overbridge forever, in a technical discussion topic…

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I was quite late to the Elektron Party, purchased just recently 3 (DN,DT,A4) overbridge devices and had low expectations because of my very old Macbook.I saw it more as a goodie.If it works,good.If not,so be it.But after i tried it with DN and DT i was shocked.

Using the plugins and recording 20 tracks live into Logic without ANY problems. Almost NO taxing on CPU and HD. On a Macbook Pro from 2011 (ok,enhanced with max Ram and SSD but still…).On OSX Sierra.
With USB 2. At a standard,cheap speedlink Hub.That’s awesome!!

I’m still waiting for my A4 MK II to show up but it looks like that even 3 devices should be possible now.But i’m also willing to buy Overhub if i stumble over (i.e.low bandwith) problems.Now i want everything :slight_smile:

So, thank you Elektron for this awesome integration that works flawlessly even on my oldtimer mac!

Only slight downside is the low volume of individual tracks from Digitakt.i know it has been discussed to death so i don’t want to open that can and it really doesn’t bother me much.


Working perfectly with my A4 Mk1 and Ableton on my 2014 Mac Mini running Sierra 10.12.6
I have like 1-2% added CPU usage in Live and am really enjoying the interface. Thanks for the hard work guys!

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… like on the cover of the manual for Transfer? :tunga:

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Ya that’s too bad.

I phrase it differently…OB is THE shit!
Werks flawlessly. They werked hard getting the bugs out. And optimizations made.

I was bangin on CC automation. There was some weirdness. All fixed!

And shits fast. I tried OB1 way back when…and that was unusable with my A4. So I was hesitant about it. But OB2 is really nice.

Someone here with Abletons gotta be able to help sort you out. I unfortunately do not have Ableton :frowning:

Don’t drop it just yet. I’ll see if I can get it going in the demo. It’s worth it. If just to save on I/O

Yes, that is a very relevant comment :grinning:

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I have the same issue with the DN - having to boost audio levels in Ableton with the Utility gain to get anything like a decent level. I’ve checked the USB Audio levels setting in the DN too and it’s set to max dB.

As stated in the manual: maximum channels at 16bit for Rytm mk1 is 8.
Any chance to get 10 simultaneous channels (including Main L R) by for example using a dedicated PCIe card for USB port, or is this actually limited to 8 channels internally / by Overbridge software?

yes - the USB hardware is technically capable, but is not able to shield the analog circuits from the added noise that using the full bandwidth brings - that’s why it’s throttled back to the next lowest standard down (fullspeed) from regular 2


the software is next level innovative. seems like you dont know how to use it lol

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I put together two tutorial videos on hooking up a Digitakt to Ableton using the new Overbridge.

In the first part I cover connecting, and routing audio tracks.

In part two, I show how to record the send effects on their own track, or how to quickly record each track with its fx baked in.

I started a thread for these, but it probably makes more sense to put them here, so I am.