Overbridge 1,36 beta 2 - multiple fx possible?

I still cant figure out how to send 4 different signals to the 4 signal paths the analog 4 mark 1 has to offer.
I can easily route a signal analogue in and out using my rme card with no delay but was hoping to get access to 4 diffferent fx / filter / overdrive units but the plugin says after installation just 1 plugin per physical instance and I cant figure ot how to send to the different channels.

All audio is routed through the one plugin.

Open the OB engine/manager/dashboard(I forget what it’s called) and turn the audio in routing on for that.

Then you’ll navigate in in your DAW to route to that project.

I’m sorry I could not be more helpful, as I haven’t rites audio into my boxes yet

hmm I cant manage to get it working, there wil be sound coming in eventually but I cant get any sound out using overbridgee even using midi triggers.
jesuus i hate the elektron stuff. could be awesome but just not working properly. sold all other elektron stuff because of things like this. keeps me from producing.
but thanks for helping anyway.

works perfectly fine for me,
you have to route the audio from the plugin into a new audio track.
the FX will not be separated are they are part of the master bus. If this is what you are looking for splitting the effects, its not feasible.

Maybe you should sell remaining elektron gear too.

Lots of people have this working ( also some do not ). If it’s annoying or difficult then sell it and buy something else.

yes I supppose I have to. Sold most of it already. It just wont work exept I am using it as my audio interface within live but I have a decent interface with more in and outs so this isnt an option