Our Music On Cassette

Also, have a little EP release on there as well.


This is really great! I checked out the whole discography. Really, really good stuff!

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WOAH!!! Straight up Motor City Drum Ensemble vibes on this one. Loving the flavour, loving the vibe.

I could get down to this all day long!

Thanks for sharing!

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It really is awesome! What gear did you use and what processes did you go through to achieve that sound?

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Thanks a lot! :raised_hands:

These are some old pre-Elektron tracks. I used the Casio CZ5000 a LOT, a bit of the Korg Volca FM, and all drums on the Tr8. For the mixing, I used a bit of whatever would work, but here’s a list:

Logic Bitcrusher - sometimes really cuts things through the mix and adds a lot of interesting sparkle.
Logic Distortion II - I use it a lot at -50% mix and adjust parameters to taste
Waves OneKnob Driver - Definitely has its own tone - super nice on toms and other perc. 10-30% is usually the magic.
bx_cleansweap V2 - FREE! Super nice to cut highs, then force them back in with saturation.
ValhallaSupermassive - FREE! I made presents for claps, a long dub delay, and slap delay for other perc.
bx_saturator V2 - Took me a long time to understand this thing (almost had buyers remorse), but it’s M/S magic!
Logic Compressor - Side chain master
Ozone Imager - FREE! I used a lot of chorus on the FM and CZ, so I needed something to control it a bit :sweat_smile:
Waves HDelay - still one of my favorite delays - almost always on 1/4. just like Elektron devices :smiley:
bx_subfilter - FREE! Also took me a while to get this one, but it is super nice on kicks and bass.

I usually don’t side chain much at all, but I wanted to test how I could best drive cassette really hard with it still sounding “good.” I came up with a few solutions:

  1. Reduce the highs - it’ll just turn into a mush of noise (aliasing?).
  2. Anticipate lots of compression by side chaining (even if very lightly) and making wide decible gaps (kick/clap -8db, bass -15db, chords -20-35db) - this keeps things clean even though it’s actually being slammed into the cassette (which took a lot of trial and error to get to taste).

I used a Tascam Porta 05 for recording with cassettes at or near the manual’s guidelines, then recorded them back through my interface at -8-12db.

But, probably the MVP of it all was the Audeze LCD-X. They are not perfect, but damn do they help balance a mix.


so freaking good!

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Super wooper duper!!!

Great breakdown of the things you went through in order to end up with this awesome EP.

So you multitracked the session and then mixed each track individually… then bounced it to a stereo master… then ran it into cassette?

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I just played the projects from Logic to cassette. That way I could quickly listen back to the recording, make some small changes to the mix, and record again if needed. It was mastered after that.

I had nothing on the master sum of my Logic projects.

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Love it, great lo-fi /deep house vibes. Super fresh.

I have a track that just came out yesterday on Unknown Movement Records. I’m opening up the compilation with deep, dubby techno for amateurs of mind travel.


Sounds good man.

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Nice! I would have included this track in a recent mix I did if I would have had it sooner! I’ll definitely pick it up!

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Thank you ! I think the promos were up on the FatDrop DJ pool for a few weeks before but I don’t really know who has access to that.

BTW I’ve picked up Cool Training; love all the tracks but Never Changes is an earworm. Short and sweet, makes me wish there was sun around and we were allowed to dance.

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And I’ve got Survival Strategies for Progressive Persuasions in my cart - listened to the others today. Really nice stuff!

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Great release and beautiful cassette. Congrats!

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Thank you :grinning:

My first (and therefore probably my favorite) 4-track. Bought new when it came out. Sold it when I started recording at a small commercial 8-track studio. Bought another a few layers ‘cause I missed it so. Gave that one away when I bought a VS-880 (new… and cost a small fortune at the time!).


Thought I’d drop a quick post about my new album which is out on cassette via Spun Out of Control in the UK. Saw the tapes in the flesh for the first time today and they’ve come out beautifully.
You can check it out here

Probably should have posted this earlier when it first went up for pre-release but there’s still a few copies left if anyone fancies one.
Hope you like it :man_astronaut:


We did a slipcase to fit our three cassette releases with Masker. The music was recorded last year, a mix of dark ambient, electronica, free jazz and lots of octatracking live drums. :slight_smile:

Details and more music: https://oudwijnrecords.bandcamp.com/


Another track I revisited with new drums and cassette. I tracked most of it years ago using my Juno 106 and AX60 - still two of my favorite synths. Drums are done live on the Analog Rythm.


Different vibe from me.

Mate brought around his guitar and he can play. I plugged him into my Strymon pedals and tweaked around before tracking it to cassette. Then ran that into an Analog Heat before hitting the computer. Looped it and bounced that onto the other cassette deck. It was fun flipping tapes. I have a 4 track cassette and then I can bounce it down to two tracks. Whip that tape out and add another two tracks onto it. A bit time consuming but there is nothing like the sound of cassette. Believe me, I have 90% of every cassette emulation plugin on the market.

While he made his guitar licks I laced a beat up on the RYTM. After doing the above he played bass from my OB6. I played a sparkly sustained chord after that and then some lyrics hit me. Time was very limited so anything we felt or thought on the spot we ran with. I guess you could say we eloped on a whim!

I decided against multitracking my RYTM and opted for Logic Pro’s ‘drummer’ plugin. I did however still use my closed hats, bass drum, noise clap, and reverse hats. I’ve been experimenting with some weird textures recently so I added them in there as well.

Overall; jolly good fun!

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