OT Uwanted random mutes on flex


Hallo, Im making track 8 send master effect with cue but I have random mutes on previewed track.

Example of chain:

rec setup - T8 src3 = CUE
Trig = ONE
R len = 16
Loop - ONE
Rec trig - +1/384

others - Cue cfg - studio
track 8 - normal

Sound of previewed track is totaly unstable and random muting. What Im doing wrong and what I should to do to be stable?

Thank You for help


Anything connected via Midi in? Any LFOs at play?


Ableton sending midi clock but this problem occur even with internal midi clock. No lfo’s


I saw that if Im sending effects I have big latency is it normal?


Does it happen with nothing physically connected via Midi, too?


I checked again and when I unplugged midi cables and set internal midi clock this problem disappear.
So what I should to do now because I have motu midi interface, focusrite audio. Project in ableton is only audio track from octatrack.


And I have latency betwen recorded track more than 1 sec is it normal?


Then something sends CCs or notes which triggers that behaviour. For example: the OT response to a MIDI note F#4 (66) by muting the active track.

There are also a bunch of CCs which can trigger mute-like behaviour (either mute or solo or track volume 0 or CUE track on/off etc.pp.).

Just make sure that nothing sends other MIDI data than clock/sync to the OT or disable receiving MIDI on the OT itself.


Ok, but is not typical mute is something like: on restart bar is not synced like is not perfect in tempo and sometimes recorded track are mising. I don t have any other cc only clock from ableton on empty project.


I solved the problem. I made rec trig +1/384 but it was wrong.
Rec trig should be without micro timing, the trig of flex audio track should have +1/384.


Btw you can use - 1/384 microtiming for rec trigs. Hence 0 microtiming for regular trigs.

For regular trigs, I also use swing trigs, all selected, swing = 51. Useful if you use many rec trigs you want to change. I often use a rec trig each 2 steps.


Ok, but when I had micro timing on rec trig I had problems with unstable sound.


With +1, not with -1. :wink:


I believe that when you have a rec trig on beat 1 with microtiming at -1/384 the recording will be triggered at the end of the pattern cycle. Source of WTF moments :wink: