OT to OP1


@sezare56 That might be a good little device, thanks!

I returned the OP-Z also because the build quality was not so good. I had 2 of them but both had problems.

Still looking for a companion for my Octatrack, i will take a look for the PO-32.


I have a lot of music apps on my iPad, so feeding the OT is not the problem. I am looking for a portable device what I can also use when sitting/hanging on the couch. To prepare something for using later on my OT, or just for some fun. That’s why I was thinking of a OP-1, but the price is :frowning:


You can try the sound engine with Sonic Charge Microtonic Vst. It can be used as a synth too. I bought the licence and the PO32 with Pro Case (recommended) for 110€, 2nd hand, but I think I was lucky.


Isnt that what people do with iPads? :wink:

But if its not your thing its not your thing.

PO32 looks fun.


@sezare56 interesting combination, will look at it.
@xidnpnlss you are right about the iPad on the couch…but I want something else. Maybe a 1010music Blackbox, just read about it a few minutes ago.


Po-32 is really fun and is a very good companion to the OT. I use it on my way to work on the train (about 1.5 hours daily) and when I’m home in the evening I usually have 16 new patterns to feed the OT. However, I can also say that teenage engineering stuff can be a little fickle, my po-32 won’t turn on unless I remove the batteries and insert them again. Really annoying. My op-1 and op-z hadn’t had any problems so far, and I both also really pair well with an OT.


OP1 is tons of fun! Instant joy in creating random sequences, noise, sounds. Paired with OT through midi host - even more fun modulating and effecting it.
But i cannot recommend buying an OP. They are unrepairable, only choice is to replace an entire board inside. Mine was dead for 1 year and TE was out of spare parts. In the end i was so pissed off spending 700 on lifeless piece of plastic with no help from TE.
Everything ended well thou and TE repaired it for free after i waited 1 year.
Love the OP. Wouldnt buy it again unfortunately…


Sure, feeding the OT in to the OP-1 could make sense if you have something actually playing on the OT… or you have saved audio to a file onboard the OT that you would then import into the OP-1. You could then use the OP-1 Tape functions to mangle audio, or use the drum sampler to slice the audio in to a “drum kit”, or use the regular sampler.

I like the OP-1’s synth engines personally but you should probably check out audio and video demos for yourself before buying. I am not a fan of one-sentence replies like “just get it”, more of a fan of passing on useful info to help you think about it for yourself.


I loved my OP1 but this is what gave me the fear. The connectors feel really flimsy and it’s expensive and/or time consuming to repair.


The latest thing I’m drooling over is the Gecho Loopsynth! Ooooaarhhhg… i just came a little. The thing is eargasmic. Plus its an inexpensive little instrument with a very modular feel, and a very simple interface. Code can be written into it for expanding its functionality. It is faster than a raspberry Pi and has a couple expansion ports for soldiering xtras.


if you can keep it, they are an amazing ‘dawless’ combo together and hide eachothers weaknesses.


it it had to be one, OT seems to have more functionality/flexibility. Get a rechargeable battery pack if you need portable.


I want an Octatrack, but never used one… I LOVE my Op-1. Even tho I don’t own an Octatrack I know these 2 machines are very different so it’s more of a matter of what you’re looking for.

I think of the Op-1 as a sound design unit & creative idea maker. I watched it for a few years thinking it was overpriced & not for me. Then I got a K.O. & fell in love with it. It made me look at the Op-1 a lot closer. I would always make the excuse that I don’t need another portable device or another synth or another sampler, but the fact that it makes me so creative, I have so much fun on it & it has a different workflow than the rest of my gear makes it worth it. I have had it almost a year & haven’t been able to put it down. I also love how it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. The amount of possibilities with it are endless and there are numerous ways to do things. BUT - It seems like the same goes with the Octatrack, it can be simple or complex & there are numerous ways to do things. I really want an Octatrack :persevere:


The OP-1 is as intuitive and easy to use, as the Octatrack is opaque and frustrating. And both are amazing.