OT to OP1


I’m thinking of selling/trading my OT for maybe an OP1 or for more $ a Make Noise Concrete, or even gotharman.
Was wondering if anyone has done the same and how they found it, particularly with the OP1.
How does the sound compare as this is my main problem with the OT, the sound leaves me flat compared to other gear. I end up running it through a Restyler to give it some life but always feel I’m working to long to get the sound I’m after.
I’ve used to for 18 months now so know it pretty well, interested to hear people’s thoughts.
Otherwise going to leave it on the shelf for a bit and stop getting bogged down in process.


I can’t help with your questions, however I do have one for you.

I don’t get the appeal of the OP1. I’ve seen lots of demos etc but it leaves me a little meh. What is it about it, that’s making you consider this move?


Leave it on the shelf.
Youll be glad you did - i dont use mine to a millionth of its potential. I dontuse it in hardly sny of my compositions nowdays. But when i do…
And to be honest i use some form of post processing on most of my gear in one form or other, especially samples. Its like my guitar - i add pedals and tweak the sound to taste.
Maybe im missing the point though :slight_smile:


I own both and love both, they’re very different machines
The sound of the OP-1 is great imo, the different synth engines cover a lot of ground and some of them sound pretty unique. It’s just really fun to use. I see it as a complete instrument (even with it’s limitations) but I think of the OT as better when used with other gear.


I miss the Voltage synth a lot. Put a good attack on it, you’ve got guitar feedback stew going, baby!


Get the Make Noise System Concrete and never look back.


My thoughts exactly until curiosity got the better of me and I bought one when they went for a good price on amazon. Overall, it’s an amazing little machine. Even when I’m not using it, it constantly makes me think about how I could make it do what I want in clever ways. Sure, it does have a ton of limitations, but the tape machine and the sampling process alone have made me keep it. The fact that it’s truly portable is huge for me as well. Sitting at an airport and cranking out a few patterns to later flesh out is just priceless. In terms of features, obviously it can do a lot less than a OT, but even though I’m a huge OT fan, the OP1 is a lot more inspiring. Still, I’m glad I have both.


it’s a pretty transparent sampler. you get out what you put in…


I started thinking this after my OT went off to get some encoders replaced…I was more productive and the sound seemed to open up a lot, using push and RME ADs. It sounds ok but like older versions of Ableton where the sound was pants but the functionality really interesting.
My thoughts about the OP1 are more around sonic characteristics as much as functionality, a laptop for me is the ultimate self contained open architecture but the OP1 interests me from its more succinct approach to experimentation.
…maybe I’m being lazy, need to feed it more interesting ingredients!


also, while the analogy get’s a little gross…

feed it it’s own output.

resampling is the key to new unexpected timbres.


I’m glad to see someone else has been in my position!

I think it’s an innovative little device, with some cool features. Some of the lacking features made me scratch my head, but then I am not sure I could name something that would do everything I wanted.

I think that if I were to demo one I’d probably get it.

Maybe it’s the aesthetics that I can’t get over!


I own both and use both all the time.

OP-1: Where I start things, ideas etc. I find the OP-1 to be the most productive way of creating. Very focused “environment” without having too many options so i can really work on it like a real instrument.

Octatrack: Where i take the ideas from the OP-1 and work on them until they are “completed”. I usually redo all the drums, reuse some of bass/synths from the OP-1, do all the arrangements and add sounds from samples and other synths.

So I use the OP-1 as scratchpad but still usually use some of the ideas/sounds as part of my final track.


The way I use it is Tracks 1-4 are mapped to the midi controller so I can actually play it (SC4 is really great btw) Track 8 is master also mapped to DJ EQ so further playability. Remaining Tracks are recorders for the inputs, quite often overdubbing on Flex Tracks.
I tend to get everything running together with everything else as it’s synced to Ableton with a USAMO, and do takes then start all over again. Not big on arranging.
I think it makes it’s presence in that smooth modern software sound with scooped out midrange, it’s good for putting elements into the background. If I play something of my Nord1 or through a Sherman things dissolve away.


I also have both.

OP-1 cannot replace your OT. Audio recording time is limited to 6 min. while OT has Static Machines that can stream audio limited only by the CF card. Flex Machines of course have more limited total memory but that’s another topic…

I did have to replace some of the OT’s audio playback functionality with the OP1 for our show at Psycho Las Vegas last year. Fortunately, all the audio that was prepared for this gig was very short, not more than 2-sec. for each audio clip. All I did was use the OP1’s track looping function, in which you set stop/start points inside a track, then hit a button combo to loop that region. I alternated between two OP1 tracks for the gig.

OP1 does have a bunch of synth engines that the OT doesn’t have - most of them limited in some way or another but well-designed for mobile music making. OTOH, it doesn’t have 3 LFOs per Track, realtime Track to Track audio routing, etc… all those audio mangling functions that the OT has.


Funnest thing on OP1 is finding weird stuff fast. Like sample in something random off the built in radio. Don’t trim it etc. Then play that with one of the sequencers or arpeggio. The sequencers all retain their last pattern. Which might have been something programmed carefully before for a different sound. But now with the random radio sample the sequence becomes something totally new. Then resample to tape. Repeat/repitch etc etc. Can get very organic wonky field recording kind of textures by doing this kind of stuff too. For me OT and OP1 both excel at that stuff in equal measures, tho differently and on OP1 I nearly always take the tape tracks to Daw to flesh out/mix etc.

The different Sequencers can be transposed in various ways while running which can also be interesting. And you can also browse through kits/patches while sequences are running and have instruments change while recording to tape etc. Then resample that mess back in to the drum sampler and build/sequence that as a new kit. A lot of random/useful fun…

When I’m using mine in conjunction with other gear I don’t even sync via midi. Either just play stuff manually or match the bpm and hit play>record to Daw/OT etc.

Also useful just as a synth/sampler. Can coax some nice Broadcast/Delia Derbyshire lofi sounds out of it.

It’s portability alone makes it worth having. I’ve sketched out more ideas on it away from studio than I’ll probably ever have time to finish, in the short time I’ve had it. If I hit a wall in studio I skim through old ‘tape’ recordings I’ve saved on my computer and pull an idea out of the pile…


Does feeding the Octatrack with the OP-1 makes sense? I ask this because I’m looking for a small sketchpad and something to feed my Octatrack.

I had the OP-Z but returned it, the synth engine was not that good. Maybe a OP-1 suit me better?




I have a 12.9" iPad. So i don’t need a OP-1?


I mean…you absolutely do not need one for sample food when you have an iPad. Wanting one however…

Have you checked out any music apps? If only for sample food its hard to beat. And most importantly you already have one.


A PO32 eventually…maybe the best Pocket Operator. I wouldn’t spend too much in Teenage Engeenering stuff, it doesn’t seem very reliable, nor easy to repair.