OT Science Lab - 1 year study 5 - Octa DJ - OctaDJ

  1. DJ OT - OctaDJ

Perform a DJ style mix using static files. Using a minimum of 2 songs
which must be loaded in as static samples, you can also use track
recorders to capture and loop certain sections, feel free to do scratch
and stutter fx and so on. The idea is a realtime performance like the kind
you see at DJ battles.

Set tracks 1 and 5 as static, you can use whatever files you want for the
static files and as many as you want to, it is recommended to do some
preparation of the files ensuring that they have the bars and tempo set
correctly in the audio editor attributes. You can use slices on them to
help navigation within the file, you can use 1 shot trigs, scale division and
other methods to ensure the mix is always progressing.
You should assign scenes to allow crossfading between tracks 1 and 5, you
can use track recorders, flex, pickup and neighbor machines, you can also
use T8 as a master if you want to.

This track consists of 28 stems, all rendered at 123 BPM in Ableton. On odd numbered patterns, track 1 and 5 are started using a trig, while on even numbered ones, track 2 and 6 have trigs with stems for a track, such as drums and harmonic content.

The crossfader is set up so that I can blend from tracks 1+2 to tracks 2+6. Whenever I want, I start a next pattern, from odd to even or vice versa. The current running stems still run, but so do two new ones where I can blend into at any time.

That’s it. Stressfull though. The result is over 40 minutes long, and any mistake that I made (and I did make some, like having the wrong kind of trigs active when going into the next pattern) did have to stay as it was recorded one-shot live. I have some respect for DJs.