OT Scenes and MIDI. IF ONLY

if onlythe midi LFO Depth parameters could be assigned to scenes…that would be awesome.

I’m trying to figure a werk around. but im too fucking tired.


If only the note off message worked so you could play and record legato properly.

If only you could get 32nd note or triplet resolution without resorting to ‘workarounds’

If only it would record pitch bend in a bendy way not a stepwise way.

If only slide trigs for midi!

Having said that, I still dont feel like getting an MPC.



and midi retrig.
but just being able to modulate the LFO would be nice.

you still gotta have an MPC as well tho. its a pre-req

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wait, MPC can do all that??

EDIT: I know this if off topic, kinda, but the midi limitiations of OT that have chafed me this week are

  1. scenes (as per OP) and
  2. simultaneous midi record multiple chanels
    The second really bothers me, cos the DN can do it. I can hit live record on the DN, and play four channels of midi, and record all them simultaneous on DN midi 1, 2, 3, 4 etc

If an MPC One can record multiple midi at once, and sequence slides/scene like behaviour between CCs, I might be ready…

Hold on now, I never said that.

I was just implying the benefits of MPCs that record linearly, with much finer resolution than 64 steps.

However, they are all different from what I Understand.

I’ve never sat infront of an MPC, so not qualified to comment.

I am…it’s real nice having both. :+1:t6:


Which MPC do you have?

Have we ever seen an official explanation to why no MIDI scenes? I don’t think so but my guess would be it’s because the MIDI bandwith is 31,250 bits per second. Most messages are 24 bits (1 status byte + 2 data bytes) long so this means a maximum of around 1300 messages per second. This is way too slow to be handled reliably in all OT use cases. Say you have 10 parameters locked to 0 on scene A and 127 on scene B. Just moving the fader end to end would require 1270 messages to be sent.


Even with a hefty limit, say only three, four or five parameters per scene, midi scenes would bring OT on another level, imho. Having a few scenes available for breaks, tranditions etc. would be huge! Detune synths for a buildup, turn up reverb decay, delay feedback, filter stuff all by moving the crossfader…then cut back by slamming the crossfader and let fx tails ring out…

Octatrack would be all your midi equipped gear’s new best friend! :laughing:

People would just complain about only having a few MIDI parameters to use with scenes. If the limit was two, you could still easily eat all the bandwith and more by quickly tweaking the fader. Then there’s the consideration of time-critical stuff (note on messages) in a sea of CC messages, would most likely be a nightmare to get working if at all possible.

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Hmm…you’re probaply right. Even if they’d explain it all in the release notes and news, seems many just don’t read those. In the new Transfer release they clearly wrote, that DT and AR needed the newest firmware, yet I’ve seen quite a few threads from users that didn’t update asking why it didn’t work. And as a manufacturer you probaply don’t want users complaining and judging your product because of stuff like that.

Concerning midi bandwith, I’m not entirely convinced, I did some tests myself and you can already have midi scenes with the Blokas Midihub, which also seemed to work well.
No exhaustive testing, just some findings, that it could work.
All of the current possible solutions are not just simply pressing a scene button and twisting a knob, might work well if preplanning scenes is ok for you, though.


It’s very possible that I’m wrong about this, maybe someone who knows more about MIDI will chime in. I don’t know that Blokas product but it seems interesting and I totally agree MIDI scenes would be awesome.

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I agree with midi bandwidth limits, using 8x3 lfos doesn’t seem reasonable anyway.

I don’t expect any update concerning this. Workarounds with midi processors, yes. @Schnork Does Blokas have min/max features ?

I could set midi scenes with Zoia pretty easily, with min/max. Worked like a charm with 5 CCs, I guess 8 or more would work too.

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Long before you will exhaust the bandwidth itself your midi timing will become quite unusable for beat related stuff.

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Yes. I posted here about it.

Midi scenes would have to be quite restricted and one would have to be careful not to sacrifice accuracy of timing critical stuff. For those reasons I don’t expect it either.
I think allowing a few parameters per scene would work well in most cases (don’t wiggle the crossfader like crazy), but putting so many restrictions on a functionality and relying on users not to break stuff isn’t gonna end well…

Let the midi go chaotic I say. Where’s the mangling spirit?


Love it.

Just to be able to assign LFOs depth to scenes would be huge.

And midi retrig…werks like a charm on the PT.


I dont understand how we can have 24 midi LFOs but not midi scenes. What’s the difference?

Ya…What I’d like to do is I’ve got this beat made with odd sounds in my Morphagene sequenced from the OT. If I could just assign the LFO depth [which is linked to the Note data of said track] I could chuck in some neat little random breaks in the beat.

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