OT + Motu Midi Express XT + Hardware + DAW


Hello All,

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give! :grinning:

Primary Goal -

  1. Create music with hardware.
  2. Have all gear synced with DAW (DAW as master and gear as slave)
  3. bounce down to a DAW for final edits and mix down etc.

Problem - Cannot get my OT or other hardware to sync through the MOTU Midi Express XT with DAW. I am able to stop / start the OT and other hardware but gear is not synced and can not change temp on hardware or through my DAW. If I daisy chain everything, it works fine and everything syncs, but seems uneeded. I can get my MAC os to read all my hardware, i can link it to the motu via midi setup but it still wont sync via DAW playback.

Also using factory bacnk, midi machine setting. dunno if this is the right setting.

Using newest mac OS and ableton 10.1 & logic pro x

See below for current setup



Sounds obvious but have you checked that each port is set up to send/receive what you want? You can navigate the menu from the front panel and toggle attributes per port or per channel.

I have the pre USB MOTU and I use the MIDI out from my interface to feed the MOTU. Then use the menu to set up what goes where. Its a really straightforward UI once you get used to it and very flexible. You can do everything from the front panel that you can do over PC/Mac from memory.


Hi Bunker,

I have checked all the settings and made sure the correct signals are being sent through the port. Right now ive taken everything off and am only working with the OT and i still am having the issue.

I can hit play in DAW, OT starts to play but at 250 BPMs, even though DAW is 120. I cant change tempo on OT when this happens


I see you’ve got clock send/receive set to on. My eyesight fails me buy have you got you DAW set to suit the OT? I mean you haven’t got a loop going on where the OT and DAW are getting and sending conflicting data? Just a thought. If its a USB MIDI issue I can’t help I’m afraid. If all else fails go the old stool 5 pin route :+1:


ah yes, that was the problem, daw was not set up correctly with the OT and i had both IN and OUT plugged in, which was confusing the OT. thanks for the help


Its an easy mistake to make!

The MOTU is a vastly underrated bit of kit for working inside or outside the box. Its a fantastic standalone programmable MIDI patch bay.