OT mk2 -- Can I copy all the tracks from one pattern to a new pattern?

Maybe I’m daft, but I can’t seem to simply copy all sample tracks and midi tracks from Pattern 1 to Pattern 2. How do I do this?

I know that I can copy each individual track’s pattern from 1 to 2, but that means doing this 16 times (sample tracks and then midi tracks). Is there a better way?


From the Merlin OT guide (definitely worth a read f you haven’t checked it out yet)

  • Patterns store triggers and parameter locks .
  • Parts store machines (+settings), effects (+settings), scenes, and track volumes.

You can copy either patterns or parts. Copy patterns with FUNC+REC with no menus open. Copy parts with FUNC+REC in the parts menu.
Since audio and MIDI track assignments are saved in parts, it sounds like copying parts is what you’re after.


Ah yes, thank you so much!

now you’re confusing me…

if the source and destination patterns are in the same bank, and the same audio/midi assignments are desired along with the trigs/locks, a simple pattern copy/paste should be enough. I believe that overwrites the destination pattern’s part assignment as well (if it differs). if you just want to use the same track assignments/scenes/etc that the source pattern is using (but not any trigs/locks) you just have to go to the destination pattern and select the part that the source pattern is using.


No. You have to copy-paste the part. Then copy-past the pattern.

If you do one without the other you wont get the desired result. That’s just how it is.

If you write it up, it makes it sound way more complicated than it actually is.



thanks for correcting! I coulda sworn you just had to copy the pattern and it carried the part assignment… guess I don’t vary parts enough :rofl: