OT lessons?

Again, apologies if I have misread the original question. I assumed the OP was asking about playing external MIDI instruments in ‘chromatic’ mode. In which case yes, you do need to be in MIDI mode. However once you have recorded a MIDI sequence, it will play/trigger the external instrument regardless of which mode you are in, as @thoughtstarZ said


You can use the noise gate to achieve the same result- in the Control/Input menu

EDIT: on second thought, not quite the same thing as the signal will stop passing through the gate if it falls below the threshold.

Thats what I meant, thanks!

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ok, but, if I want to sample a bass line from my minimoog sequencing from the OT is there an easy way to hit start and sample so it just captures the bass line?

n/m found it!

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I’m super lazy when I live record. I just go to the record view, press a trig then press it again. But i think if you use a one shot trig, all you have do is hit the “yes” button and all oneshot trigs will be armed.
Sorry, this what I mean when I say there are so many ways of using the OT…Hopefully not confusing anyone.

You can set which inputs are used for each recording buffer, which the flex tracks use. So you can set it up so that a signal on only one input plays in the centre on a flex track. Also, the flex tracks can play back while recording, with some limitations. I mostly use flex tracks playing back live record buffers instead of thru machines; it’s easy to turn live recording off and then instantly have a loop ready to mangle.


Tomorrow mornings project. Any idea why any sample I load (on any track) and preview (on the card) would be playing back super slow?

You might have loaded 96khz samples


I sure did. Gold baby too! Those fuckers


So, I’m tackling sampling, trigg sampling and here are some questions that aren’t spelled out in the manual.

A. When I initially hit Func Rec1 it immediately starts recording, that seems to stop after the first couple of times and then I can actually setup my sample recording. Whats going on there?

B. The LEDs on A-B are bouncing back and fourth red, what does that mean? How can I make it stop.

C. unrelated to recording, what do the track light colors mean? I assume red is the track you are on, but right now t2 and t4 are flashing back and forth in like a greenish yellow color, t6 is solid green and t7 and t8 and blinking green. Any idea on what that all means?

I think you are clipping your inputs. On the MK1 the LED’s show input on input a/b. There is green, yellow and then red. I find yellow a pretty strong signal.

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9.1 Recording edit and Setup menus

Read about RLEN and QREC.

3.1 Front Panel

Read about [REC1] and [REC2] keys and the LEDs.

11.6.2 Cue Output Routing

3.1 Front panel

Read about [TRACK] keys.

Search on “yellow” finds 11.5 Direct Track Muting

11.6.2 Cue Output Routing


But it’s not even getting signal. It’s stationary.

But the lights are bouncing



Peter, trust me I’m reading the manual, shit, you can charge me for the help haha. so heres where I’m at.

The LED lights on A-B are just going back and forth flashing red. B flashes red and then A flashes red, there is nothing sending it any levels, it does this when the machine is stopped.

The other issue I’m having is, and maybe I just have poor comprehension skills, but I’ve done it before I just can’t repeat it, so in theory this is anecdotal. I want to hit play and have the sample just record its 32 bars and stop. It loops now constantly going over itself. I’ve done a lot of personal growth over the years, from 10 day silent vipassana retreats to heroic doses of mushrooms in a therapeutic environment, I have a 20 minute Dogzchen daily meditation practice and I do ashtanga yoga and I’m about to jump out a window and find my heroin dealer from 1996 cause of this.

RLEN is set the 32 Length of the sample and the scale
Trig is set to One ( this is where I get confused as to what each option gives you, I feel like I’m looking at insurance plans with various benefits and deductibles and I can’t figure out which one does what)
SRC3 -
Loop On ( on or off doesn’t make a difference)
QREC is off
OPL Is Off

Trigg 1 is on and Red ( yellow seems to arm it and then you hit it to start.

It just loops going over itself over and over. Help!!!


Oh, and I have my OB-6 going into C and D. thats all routed properly.

Make sure your rec trig on step 1 is a one shot trig. Otherwise it wil record over the buffer each time the sequencer passes step 1.

I think loop only matters for pickup machines