OT Feature Requests Thread (active)

This images should hopefully clear it up a bit, i may have referred to the wrong scale notes (eg it’s G root for mixolydian)

Some scales have the same notes, however they are played in a different order; think about A minor and C major. Both the same notes, just one starts at C, the other at A. A minor sounds darker than C major, even though they use the same notes. It’s to do with how the accidentals are spread through a 12 note scale. You may be playing the same notes, but the gaps between notes are different, giving different tension/release.

EDIT: Also, you’re correct, it could be referred to as “binary rotation”, although I think the “classic” way of referring to it is usually a “church mode” on piano at least. Unfortunately I’m not a guitarist, so I’m unsure on how easy it is to “rotate scale” in comparison to a piano as your fingering will likely be totally different. I often get tangled chatting to my guitarist buddy about these things.

The website you linked is fascinating by the way, I’ve been down that rabbit hole once before, good fun if a bit mind melt-y. Hope this clears things up, gimme a shout if this still needs a bit of clarification.

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I think the solution for me is going to be create a dummy pattern that has each track play a sound on the first step. Put that at the front of the arrangement. then, manually record each track soloed from beginning to end into the computer. Sync all tracks to the single note hit. A pain to do, but the best solution I can come up with.

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Here’s my current OT feature request. I’d like to see a “lazy chop” option added in the AED which would allow you to manually add slice points by pressing a button (maybe YES) while the sample plays. I’m no programmer, but I imagine this wouldn’t be a very hard feature to add…


Tempo setings also for a bank-specific


hello there

please check


press&hold Pattern button + hit left/right arrow to switch to previous or next patern(from A1 up to P16)



Yes. I understand sample rates. Do you understand how higher sample rates affect pitch shifting and time stretching? That’s where they would shine on the Octa.

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i own akai s1100(44.1 khz ,16 bit) ,s5000(44.1 khz ,16bit) and z8(up to 96khz,24bit)
and yet out of those three ,akai 1100 is the best sounding sampler ever period.
z8 is actualy the worst sounding one!
and why?

you are talking here about this

amiga is 8 bit 28khz “audio quality” and yet it has sound character no other hardware have.

it seems to me that you completely forget/do not realize about the most important thing in digital audio world…?

as i said some posts before ,we do not need more
bigger always means more porblems ,extra matter requires extra energy etc…
what we need is instruments to be precise and to be rich in sound, have character and uses its guts to the maximum potential ,and not instrument rich in numbers on paper that have nothing to do with music!


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I have come to love OT and understand the minds that made it, so this is not a diss.

But in any future firmware I would really wish for two things that are, I think (unlike overbridge!) achievable.

Firstly, I would love it if there was an option to make the OT save the buffer every time I record into it. Not always, every session, but as an option. It’s a lot of effort to click click click to save and assign, especially if you’re collecting lots of loops from external devices, players on live instruments etc.

Secondly, I wish you could record straight to CF. One core joy with OT for lots of people is playing a really long pre-made stereo stem from OT with a static machine. But at the moment you have to import those over USB into the CF card. It would be great to be able to play those in our record from a jam.

Anyway, my 2p…


It might have already posted, but the ability to save the mutes (and quick mutes) status with a pattern could be a game changer for me.



There was an opportunity for Elektron to spec up the OT when they released the MKII in 2017. They did not. Now the ‘new’ black version is everywhere on YT (compared to the other models in years that is). People are less afraid to buy one it seems (like me buying my grey in 2021, not caring about a MKIII anymore), so there is less pressure on Elektron to push for a better, but more expensive MKIII any time soon.
But of course I hope I am wrong. A MKIII would bring OT MKI and II into more people’s hands :robot:

I really wish more of the LED colors were utilized, I’d like a different color for CUE tracks for one, seems like it could make some of the UI aspects maybe a bit easier to comprehend, but maybe they were going for a more minimal look.

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Would love to have the additional trig condition that restricts trigs to a specific scene. Or, a range of scenes. A simple example would be a Hi-hat sample with trigs on 3, 7, 11, and 15, but conditionally would only fire with scene 1 active. Or a range of scenes (1-4) etc

a step further would be the inclusion of this on midi trigs.


It would be interesting to set some trig conditions like % to scenes indeed.

You can have almost the same result as is.
Scene A neutral
Plock trigs 3, 7, 11, 15 with VOL -64.
Set Scene B to VOL 0.

Ok it is different, because of monophonic behavior, but it can be interesting…

a ‘velocity’ trig mode would be quite nice. as in tracks/chromatic/slots/slices etc. 16 levels sort of thing.

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This makes me think of all the times I wish I could PLock Scene Parameters on individual steps.

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Not possibly via midi loopback? Scene position as well as scene itself is CC 46 if memory serves correctly.

I’m looking to do it the other way around, not p locking which scene I want on a trig, but plocking trig parameters so only certain trig’s are affected by the scene.