OT Feature Requests Thread (active)

Hold cue plus mute.



Would be nice to have an EQ in the audio editor to free an effect slot :eyes:

  1. I’d love the DT’s sample SRC page where you can see and set start/end points. It’s so much easier for p-locking and granular stuff. In fact, just port that whole page over to the OT.

  2. duophonic sample playback - Let me not have my pads get cut their tails cut off when looping back to the beginning.

  3. trig mute mode instead of audio mute mode

  4. Filter as a constant dedicated effect on top of the 2 choice FX.

  5. LFO/Delay times that match up with the DN/DT labeling, especially for snapping to synced values.

  6. More reverb types

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You can resample to free 2 fx slots !

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I know that’s always the answer, but sometimes it’s just a pain in the butt, not to mention taking up more space. But yeah, resampling usually is the answer to it all.

The more you do it, the less it’s painfull.
Additional fx simply won’t happen.

Another workaround for additional fx is to use a track recording and playing CUE, so that you can use 2 fx more for all tracks, using their CUE send.
6 tracks, 1 fx return track, 1 master tracks, makes 6 fx applied for each track.


Are you saying to actually hardwire the CUE outputs back to inputs? I can’t remember if you can route CUE internally.

They say pain makes you stronger, but that ain’t always the case! Hah.

For resampling it’s simply SRC3=CUE.


Right right. I meant I wasn’t sure if there was another way to have the send FX that @sezare56 mentioned beyond neighbor tracks.

Make a track with with src3 set to CUE, and a flex machine playing from the record buffer. Rec trig on step 1, play trig on step 1 MICROTIMED ONE CLICK TO THE RIGHT (otherwise it won’t play the live recording at all or will play unreliably). Anything sent to CUE gets routed to the track, so if you’re in studio mode your cue level becomes an effect send.

That’s the basic setup (unless I’m forgetting something, haven’t done it in a year or so) but once you have that working you can start experimenting with things like more than one play trig, feeding the track back into itself, messing with the playback and amp parameters, plocking everything, using multiple send tracks with cross feedback, building full blown Karplus-Strong algorithms…


That’s dope

I used CUE send / recording here :

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In tracks mode, the trig leds light up in time with the trigs on each track. It would be nice if mixer and track mute modes did this (in an inverted matter in relation to the track mute status).

Would be helpful for times when one is not sure from which track a particular sound they want to mute is coming from.

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Mix knob for LoFi effect!


Depends. À la Digitakt/Digitone ?
I don’t like their epileptic behavior because it still blinking if muted (dimmed). Even worse with Digitone imho. I prefer OT as is, mute state being clear. Options for all Elektrons, especially non blinking mute state !

What about metering screen display ? :wine_glass: :champagne:


I agree, too much flashing on trigs on DT, I would not mind if the track button flashed as a user settable option, though TBH most of the time I’d prefer to have it off.


Not sure if this is already a feature but it occurred to me recently that it would be great to be able to assign specific parts to patterns. My understanding is this can only be done manually.

I just remembered one I meant to post ages ago…if it hasn’t been requested already…

trigs that can be assigned to scenes. :+1:t6:


I believe parts are stored per pattern. All 4 parts are also stored per bank so you can technically have more parts so long as the change spans more than 1 bank.