OT external clock problem by send fx track


I made 7th track as a send fx channel with flex machine.

1 track is send to cue, cue is recording with triggered preview in track 7th but…

When I m sending clock, only clock no other cc the previewed track is not stable. Random mutes of audio, not perfectly synced. When 1 st track is sending to 7th occur very long latency something like more than 1 sec.

Example of settings

rec setup - T8 src3 = CUE

Trig = ONE
R len = 16
Loop - ONE
Rec trig - +1/384

others - Cue cfg - studio
track 8 - normal

Track 1 - cue

This problem disappear when Im playing with internal clock. When I mute T1 cue and and open t1 master this problem again dissapear.

Im working on ableton and what i should to do to solve this situation?

Please help me,


In general and especially with internal recording I’d use Ot as master for recordings.