OT delay compensate question

I want to play some synths from mixer to OT, and also play some loops from OT to mixer, then back to OT.

Hardware synths + OT CUE OUT (audio loops) -> analog mixer -> OT IN AB/IN CD -> OT OUT -> Soundcard

Should i activate Delay Compensate (Yes/No) or should i avoid sending back audio from OT to OT due to latency it will create (considering delay compensate could make things worse) ?
Kinda lost here.

Edit: Ideally would like to delay compensate inputs sounds but not cue out to avoid double delay compensate (if it’s happening) when cue out come back to OT. Not sure how it’s working anyway, and not much info in manual about this.

Delay compensation on OT compensates for the delay when audio is routed from inputs directly through DIR and using Thru Machines/Pickup Machines.

So if you aren‘t using DIR and Thru Machines/PU Machines no need to activate delay compensation.
It wouldn‘t do anything anyway. It just delays the audio through DIR little.


Thanks for clarification.

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