OT bug: Lfo sync problem!

Thought it was my idea.
I never liked the lfo from the start because of the lack of the sync trig option.When they implemented the sync trig option I thought “now thats a decent lfo”.
Well actually it’s not. I don’t know if this only happens to my OT but the lfo has problem in syncing.
Whatever trig method you might be using (trig or sync trig) the lfo will start drifting after even the second bar.
Make a test and put one sample and lfo its amplitude in a steady 4 /4 gate along with the metronome. You will hear the drifting becomes noticeable after the second bar and in the fourth bar is unbearable. Be sure to trig the lfo once if you are using the trig method because if it gets retriggred it will resynchronize. The sync trig method will drift anyway regardless of the trigs since its trigged only once when the pattern starts.
Do your tests and let me know.
I have to add that i am not syncing OT to an external device.
I will forward this to ELEKTRON guys.

That sounds pretty crazy! I’ve trusted these LFOs from the get-go but maybe they’re just drifting bad and I haven’t noticed. I’ll try to repro at home.

Which OS ? Is this something that has crept in with 1.25B ? Tested on 1.25, both trig and sync trig, and I can’t reproduce the problem.

I’m having the same problem with the lfo aswell, haven’t been able to get it to sync right. The first 4/4 works, but then starts drifting. I’m still on 1.25… Emil

i’ll try this when i get home. i didn’t notice it when i was using a sync’d lfo last night.

Got confirmation from ELEKTRON. Said they hope they can fix it one day!!!
Sorry but bot a very satisfying answer…

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Strange…my sync was bang on the money to my ears through all 4 bars. I ran the test like this.

4 bar sustained pad set up to give 4/4 gate thus:


Target Amp Vol

Speed at 127
Multiplier at x 4
Square wave
Depth such that it didn’t blow my ear drums

Sync Trig or Trig

4 / 4 kick programmed on separate track to judge sync

Is there anything I’m missing or should I just accept the fact that my ability to hear drift is shot ?