Oscillator variations by using Ring Modulator


A trick from my modular which works extremely well on the MnM:

  • Track 1: Sid Machine , Saw (this is a start setup, you can of course change at will): create a simple melody
  • Track 2: Ring modulator : add no trigs, but set the amp dec to 127

Kit setup:
Edit,track2 - RingMod : output bus AB , input Bus AB

Trig, track1: Trig Pos: track 2

Track1 trigger will now also trigger track2 and (!) the pitch of the ring mod oscillator will track the trigger values of track 1. Play around with the ringmod settings Wave, Ext and Mix and you will hear extra harmonics.

Now on track2 : LFO some pitch modulation: slow and little gives a nice moving sound on the sound.



enjoying :slight_smile: thanks!

I’m gonna try this, great idea!