OS wishlist

Is there a wishlist for an OS update here on this forum?
If not, lets create one in this thread.

  1. Separate scale settings for each part.
    Could be easily made just like its possible to chose separate accent for each part or for all.

Separate scale 1000%. That’s the one feature I’d really love to see. Implement the same as the A4 / RYTM and we’re golden.


Option to invert the encoder response…

+1 for separate scale length!

Also micro timing ala Octatrack

I don’t know how microtiming works in OT, but I’ve always thought it could be easily added to the MD by simply allowing p-locking swing values.

I was always under the impression that the OS was finished and will not be updated though I’ve always wanted to be able to group multiple sample banks to a single snapshot or split up the full sample memory how we want. Similar to how you can route the LFOs all to one track but with the 2.5mb of sample memory, being able to multiply the amount of memory for a single sample bank wile reducing the amount of banks available would be absolutely fantastic!

Most likely not even possible but its what i want the most :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This topic pops up occasionally. Not to rain on anyone’s parade (and I’d love to be wrong here), but the word trickling down from HQ (through others who have more contact with them) is that the space in the MD’s memory for OS expansion is just about maxed out. Meaning we might see the occasional bug fix, but wholly new features are unlikely.

  1. Make the effects available to ALL outputs.
  2. Vol parameter on machines set to halfway position as default.

I’ve always wanted chromatic mode ala the AR. I dont see why that would be so hard to implement.

You may as well be writing a wish list to Santa Clause, and mail it to ‘The North Pole’.

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My wish: Some midi-implementation where you can record notes on the patterns instead of using a knob to find the right midi note.

yep chromatic, midi key pitch control or monomachine style keyboard
option to change sampling to 16bit

Sidechain option from compressor.

Could be made by replacing the HP parameter with sidechain select (ranging from 1-16 and OFF). From the menu where you select output you could also add dynamix, so that it is possible to choose wether a part is affected by dynamix or not.

I would sacrify MD’s features to free up memory space to implemant new features:

  • Half the +Drive capacity from 128 snapshots to 64 (who filled up the 128 snapshots ?)
  • (Maybe) E12 Machine or by optimizing the size of its samples

“2. Vol parameter on machines set to halfway position as default” update could be done without any free memory space need.

I believe I read someone simulated side chaining by using an LFO to affect either volume or HP for a given track. Needs to be timed out right but I think you could set the LFO to re-trigger on a given track’s trigger.

I’ve mentioned this before. Even just killing off a single snapshot slot (including the 2.5MB sample slot) should be more than enough room for OS changes. Typically no one is asking for much more than new sequencer features and I can’t imagine that taking up more than 2MB’s, or really even a fraction of that. However internal memory routing might not allow the access of what is essentially two snapshots at the same time. I have no idea how they designed it and what limitations they might have on the hardware level.
However I would even be on board with yet another expansion card that maybe sits in the +Drive slot which then the +Drive plugs into that. This might be able to provide other memory routing options. Hell there is enough physical space inside to have an add in card with another DSP chip. Imagine the new synthesis options they could add! :joy: If this is even possible, it would certainly help not alienate anyone who has recently bought an MD and add value to continuing to sell the current MD without a full redesign (which basically just happened with the AR).

talking as an individual with 0 programming knowledge these are just statements out of interest.

so the dream is a JJOS style re work of the MD and/or MnM operating systems.

with, either or both, pattern scaling for individual tracks and micro timing.
these seem to be the most desirable additions.

i personally wouldn’t want to sacrifice any features of the official OS. so anyone tackling this has the insurmountable task of reverse engineering and re writing the original OS within the memory limit. i’d assume the whole sequencer would need to be recoded and that doesn’t sound like a fun task, if even possible…?

are there any insane developers out there working on, or capable of taking on, this challenge that elektronauts are aware of?

i really appreciate the silver box limitations, i guess i’m just fantasising.



Have you heard of MiniCommand?

There are some videos on the thread of extended capabilities this adds to the Machinedrum- that’s the closest you’re going to come to Machinedrum JJOS

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