OS 1.61B bugs and how to downgrade?

Hi everybody,

I just updated from 1.50 to 1.61B on AR MK1 and I’m getting into a lot of trouble with the MIDI out…
To begin with, all the MIDI notes are now sent two octaves lower. I understood that it was done intentionally but the new range is very very low and a lot of patterns that I wrote before are now out of reach. I don’t understand this choice. I send MIDI for very low basses too but I could do it fine when the MIDI notes were sent two octaves higher.
Another strange decision is that now tracks don’t send MIDI out when sample and synth engines are off. I got over this activating a disable synth or a sample engine with no sample loaded but this is not convenient at all.
Now for the actual bugs: sometimes previous note on is sent instead of note off and notes off are not sent anymore when I unmute a MIDI track, causing my external synths to freeze at the end of my songs…

I got to the point where I wish I could just downgrade to os 1.50 which was working fine for me but previous OS versions are not available on Elektron’s website. Does anybody know how to get them ?

Thanks for your help

1.50 was the OS with the issue - since fixed iirc

you should ask Elektron direct if you want to go backwards, it makes more sense to work with the current OS’s imho, eventually you’ll need to jump

people aren’t really meant to be uploading/sharing Elektron OSs - at least not beyond here, folk have got into bother doing that - so ask Elektron about the OS and chat about your other issue