This Sound Pack for Model:Samples taps into the classic drum sounds of the Roland TR-808 that permeated the 80s and beyond. The 72 samples, courtesy of Elektron resident Auvrel, cover all kinds of percussion, with nods to the iconic clicky snares and hi-hats as well as the booming bass drum that helped set the tempo for so many genres that hold electronic music at its heart.

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I had a lot of fun recording and processing the ol’ office 808! Besides the ‘faithful’ kits that have all the original sounds (which were painstakingly cleaned from noise and hum) I made a bunch of variants that are processed in different colorful ways. You’ll get everything from vintage sampler vibes to doomsday drums. And it of course works for your Digitakt or Rytm as well. :slight_smile:

Honestly super happy with the result, and I’ll probably be using these samples myself a lot.
I also recorded a bunch of one shots and single cycles from my MC-202 and TB-303 that are included as well. (Honestly just made them so that I could make a demo track with melodies and stuff)

Ended up making this track for the demo, it’s just straight out of the M:S! Fun, fun.


This comment confused me for about 5 minutes. :smiley:

“What? It says ‘AUVREL’” and then doing a bunch of scrolling back and forth before just clicking the darned link…

Congrats on the soundpack release!


This is the part that warms my single cycle heart. It’s also the first Elektron Sound Pack I’ve ever bought. Thank you for making this.


hah same, my first soundpack


Hah, it was supposed to (well, I did not make this very clear) be simply ‘made by Ess’, but they used my artist name due to a previous soundpack being signed under that name.

@bradleyallen Nice, thank you! I looove single cycles.


Instabought this and the other model sound pack just released. Been having a blast with them. Great job!!


That would have been claEssEssy


First soundpack i bought! My new elektron m:s will enjoy it! :slight_smile: