Opinions : Moog sub 37 for a Matriarch?

HI everyone!

I have a moog sub 37 for five years now.
Now someone has offered me to trade it (and my strymon volane) for a Moog Matriarch.

Would you do it?

curious to hear your thoughts

Both awesome, versatile synths (I’ve got the Matriarch). One of the first questions you probably want to ask yourself: would not being able to save presets on the (semi-modular) Matriarch be an issue for you? Are you currently getting stuff done with the Sub37?

This video might be of interest to you:

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I would do it, but that’s coming from a guy who wants a Matriarch.

Me personally? Maybe yes I would.
Ive discovered over the years of owning it, that there is something about the sub37 I never quite gelled with. Something about the sound of it just I dunno, never quite hits the spot.

I do enjoy synths that have no memories, no screen, no hidden functions very much.

Ive never heard a matriarch in person so , there’s that.

I love my Matriarch, I would do it all days of the weak, its a really good deal! But you will tap into Eurorack land if you not already have done that. You should ask yourself if you want if do that or not.

I have a Matriarch (and Volante) and I love it. Ultimately you are trading a Moog with a great delay for a Moog with a great delay.

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would also have to depend on how happy you are with the 37.
personally i would try to save up for a grandmother or get ride of some lesser gear to do so.
having that and a 37 would be a great combo. plus it would give you an idea of how much you would like the matriarch.
37 should be a keeper i think. the sub oscillator & multi-drive filter are special.

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I’d only trade if it’d been unloved and gathering dust for the past coupla years.

But 5 years of love and regular use? Nah, I personally wouldn’t go messing with a good thing like that. The grass is always greener yada yada…


No plans for any more moogs anytime soon, but that video was both informative and entertaining.

It depends on what you are looking for.

Preset saving vs no presets plus patching with cables.

Regarding the sound, imho the Matriarch is much less „modern“ sounding and has the qualities of a modular synth.

Me personally, I replaced a Subsequent25 with the Matriarch, and I would always do it again.

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Thanks guys!

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What did you decide?

Ah, I see why you posted on the Matriarch thread now. :smiley:

I once had a Voyager, and was tempted by the Sub Phatty family. Never did get any Moog Sub anything, and sold the Voyager. Voyager was a great sounding synth, but I wasn’t making use of all the preset programmability or other features intended for use by a virtuoso keyboard player. Thus, I sold it to get it (presumably) into the hands of a more capable player and reallocate my funds in a more useful manner.

I only have one analog monosynth left with patch memory - the Korg Monologue.

Matriarch has satisfied my desire for a synth on which I can plug and unplug patch cables and discover various tones. Always looking for happy accidents. Pretty much the opposite of the patch-memory synths where you spend hours programming your specific sounds that you want to be exactly the same every time.

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