Online resources for electronic musicians

Hi, wanted to pose this question to this community. Would you pay 10 dollars (or euro) to have your track reviewed online by someone you respect or is a professional? The reviews would be to help your production rather than about music quality, so you could specify if you wanted help with mixing, track structure, or whatever you specify . It would be online and you could get feedback very quickly. I am doing some research on online resources for electronic musicians and what is/isnt out there. There doesn’t seem to be a lot out there for electronic musicians. Thanks!

at this point, no.

but there’s probably people who would.

i do think there’s endless amounts of info on all types of music production on line. often free. there’s so much on youtube and specific software environments and all kinds of tips and tricks and mixing/mastering advice everywhere… so i don’t know where you looked but there’s a lot of info available for people trying to learn.

the “master class” series of classes are well publicized but there’s loads of youtube channels that just do software tutorials for specific software.

there’s also many books specifically aimed at electronic music production. and also books about mixing and mastering…

but actual critique of arrangements and specific things might be helpful for people struggling to get their tracks to sound the way they want.

i don’t know who you’d get for $10 to review a track though. listening to a track critically then writing up a critique w/advice wouldn’t be worth the time for most professionals at $10 a track. unless they’re offering 1 sentence worth of advice.

if you want to learn how to mix then go to a studio and pay an engineer to mix it for you and sit in on the session and take notes. find an engineer who’s cool with that of course.


Be original. Make the music that you want to make and don´t pay other people to tell you what to do.


i don’t think that’s what the OP is saying… sounded to me like offering mixing advice and general production advice rather than artistic choices.

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You are right! Anyway, I don´t like the idea of a service offering paid reviews on a production. Of course feedback is always helpful but I´d try to find people who have a genuine interest in your music or work within the same genre and have experiences to share. So to honor the OP´s question: no, I wouldn´t pay 10 dollars.