One Shot Trigs - Pattern Change

Choose Swedish. :innocent:

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Oh so even if the sequencer isn’t near the trigger, if you arm it, it starts playing?

Isn’t there a setting for that? Ive been away from my OT for too long…Check page 32 of the manual…

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So i contacted elektron and they told me to try putting my samples into the sequencer and adjust the scale settings. I tried around with the scale settings and the manual but didnt unserstand it.

How do i set up a Track to sequence my loosely recorded pickup loop which is longer than 64 steps and fit it perfectly into the sequencer?

I there a tutorial on how to sequence longer loops of different length with the scale settings?

If you set a track to SCALE 1/8 in SCALE PER TRACK mode, it will last 4x8=32 bars.
You can also slice in 4 your records and apply an lfo on start. (4 is an exemple)

How many bars are your loops/records ?

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They are all different and not 100% on full steps because they are all recorded loosely with pickup machines. I want them to be in the sequencer to be able to set up a recorder trigger to do the crossfade transition trick. So i set it to 1/8 and the master track should be set to the length of my longest loop?

So i set it to 1/8 and the master track should be set to the length of my longest loop ?

I’d say yes. There an Infinite setting for Master Scale, I suppose it follows the longest track.

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Im still struggling to fit my samples to the sequencer. This sample is slightly longer than 64 steps at normal speed. So I nearly got it sequenced with the setting in the picture but not perfect…

I approached it like this.

Set the master until the sample is playing completely and than trying to fit it perfect with the mucrotiming…but didn’t get it fitting yet

With certain settings of the master the sequencer Is skipping the last step but only on the second time running the pattern. First time it is playing all steps. I’m a bit confused

I’m not sure exactly where your at but I almost think that if your relatively new to OT, you may want to start simpler on a new project and just get one Pickup recording in sync with the sequencer, and verify you can trigger it with a one shot and that it starts in time and stays in sync.
After you know that works you can experiment with the track length and stuff, but still I’d only add one step at a time and verify that its functioning correctly before adding more things and making it more complex…
Here’s a post where I recently explained a method to get PU’s in sync with the sequencer…
: 64 step problem w 16 step pickup machine
I know it’s not what you want but it might be easier to go where you want after trying this first and then modifying…

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Thanks but my loops are already recorded.

I have a whole song of different loops which I loosely recorded with pickups without fitting them to a pattern length.

Now I want to sequence them to build different patterns with them to arrange my song.

I want to smoothly change patterns and also be able to do the x-fader transition

my problem is that I can’t put them into the sequencer so that they play smoothly.

With one shots they play perfect but the transition to the next pattern is not working

I know, If I were you I’d save that project and samples, and start over much simpler adding one thing at a time until you understand what’s going on, and then go back and fix up your project…
That’s just what I would do, I feel you might be trying to do something to complex right from the start, but good luck to you!


What are your Scale settings ?
Maybe there’s a 15/16 scale…
New project if you loose your mind.:zonked:


Its 16/16 maybe something went wrong and I have to start over again

Grab those loops, stick them to Ableton Live find the exact bpm/scale and put them back in OT…Done!
That’s how i create perfect loops without melting my brain :wink:


When you say loosely recorded, what do you mean exactly regarding meter and tempo? The Octatrack has just basic time stretch so diverse tempos and timing offsets natural to human playing can be difficult to sequence. I’ve had your problem regarding one shots and pattern change, and I think tried reloading the part on beat “one” of the new pattern. OR make sure all one shot trigs are saved as armed by saving all parts this way with the sequencer stopped.

And I support the suggestions to start a fresh project with a stripped down version (two synced tracks only maybe) to rehearse with the machine the basics of your approach.

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Hey @fmshred,
I don’t want to discourage you by saying to start over. It’s just tricky to think about someone else’s OT when you don’t know all the settings, and aren’t sure exactly what they are going for. We went from one shots to track lengths as well and I still was unsure if the one shot part was working. Did you get those working?
You should eventually be able to do what you want to do with your loops, and once you get it working should be easier from then on…
I think @Yorgos_Arabatzis is on to something and that you may need to adjust the original tempo and loop Len settings in the audio editor to get things lined up…
I do hope you get it sorted out and can get back to the music!

I just got it working and was able to create my patterns! Thanks for the help! I could finish my track :slight_smile:


Did you find the problem ?

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Actually i just made a new project and got it working with the same technique. Setting up Master-Scale to the longest sample and adjusting the steps at the different tracks.