Official Analog Keys Gig Bag EG-1 is out!

How can we know?

Just want to clarify that this is NOT a rebranded UDG case.

How can we know?[/quote]
Analog Keys published dimensions are: (26.0×12.2×3.7″) W660 ×D309 ×H93mm
The bag is going to be larger than the gear inside. It’s at least 4" too long, and probably more like 5" too long for carry-on.

Carry-On luggage for most major airlines must not exceed: 22" x 14" x 9" or 560 x 350 x 230 mm. This includes Delta, United, American. Even Southwest’s large 24" x 16" x 10" would be prohibitive.

On the even smaller side for allowed carry-on luggage size there is Lufthansa’s policy with 540mm length, Air France, Ryan Air, Air Canada is 550mm. British Airways is 560mm, etc…

Now, could you throw it over your shoulder and get it onto most planes with at least two seats on both sides of the aisle? Probably. But why risk it?
My rule for air travel has always been to think the bag that’s big enough that a flight crew can make you check it in for undercarriage, is the bag that can get lost. Also, being a soft case, no way I’d want that handled by anyone other than myself. Ultimately, this is why I ended up with Analog Four instead of Analog Keys. I need the portability for carry-on approved air travel. I’ll probably still end up with a Keys in a year or so, for composing only, though.
This is also why I ended up with an HPRC 2550w for flying with 3 Elektron boxes, as discussed here Best 3 Elektron hard case for a plane.

How can we know?[/quote]
If you are talking about take it with you on the plane´s cabin… It can’t
Believe me, I take a lot of planes. :slight_smile:
You will need more than lucky to get those with you on the cabin in a single bag.
The best chance is to get the small boxes in separated bags. The A Key by itself alone is on the limit regarding weight, and over regarding size. There is an instrument policy that applies to some airlines so better check it first.
What did, I added some velcro on my electron bag, so two of them converts into one and the other attaches to my trolley bag, this way it gets easy to carry. Now at check in time I split all, so In case the usually “not at all gentle” check in attendant ask about it I said: “those are sensitive electronics but they are lightweight” then I give one of the bags to check and usually all goes ok. I always have space and cushion on my big bag in case I can’t convince the attendant but so far I´m travelling with my three boxes my trolley and a big notebook bag where I have my notebook, iPads, and a Push controller.

Maybe in your neck of the woods, but not mine.
TSA’s Website, with a date tag of last month states the policy with musical instruments as:

“Instruments as Checked Baggage
You may bring musical instruments as checked baggage as long as they fit within the size and weight limitations of the airline you are taking.”

Okay, there was a final ruling for 2015 made at the end of last year.

"The final rule does not change the earlier provisions of the Act, but mercifully puts a period at the end of the sentence: "Section 403 of the Act and this final rule provide that carriers are required to allow passengers to stow their musical instruments in an approved stowage area in the cabin only if at the time the passenger boards the aircraft such stowage space is available.

"With the exception of certain disability assistance devices, overhead bins or under seat stowage space is available to all passengers and crew members for their carry-on baggage on a “first come, first served” basis. Accordingly, carriers are not required to remove other passengers’ or crew members’ carry-on baggage that is already stowed in order to make space for a musical instrument. However, this also means that carriers are not allowed to require a passenger to remove his or her musical instrument that is already safely stowed (e.g., in the overhead bin) to make room for carry-on baggage of other passengers who board the aircraft later than the passenger with the musical instrumenT." Most importantly, “This is true even if the space taken by the musical instrument could accommodate one or more other carry-on items.”

So in other words, if you want to travel with Analog Keys. Board early and stow early, and bring a copy of this with you:

Of course this only applies to the USA.

Also helpful:

Found via this entertainment lawyer’s blog:

I brought an AK from the US to Mexico (non-stop flight mind you) in a regular checked bag using the three styrofoam pads that it originally ships with (slightly altered to fit width wise in my bag) and then the other parts of it bubble wrapped. I was nervous, but it made it without a problem.

If there is anyone using this for 3x Elektron tabletop instruments, could you confirm whether you can use it without 3 PL-2 top covers?

There’s no top cover for the AK-37, so I wonder if 3x tabletops get on okay without the PL-2s.

EG-1 + 3x PL-2s is pretty costly.

any one has recent air travel experience with AK as carry on musical item?
I have to travel US with AK in few weeks.
those new rule on musical instrument as carry on item works great?
I have elektron AK gig bag
but I’m worried whether i should get Pelican 1700 case for AK as checked baggage… Pelican 1700 seem big enough (might be very tight) for AK on the dimension sheet.
anyone has experience with pelican 1700 with AK?
SKB 3614 case looks better and little bigger than pelican 1700 but SKB one is already oversize even as checked baggage and normally airlines charge about $200 more for oversize bag where they charge only about $35 for 2nd and 3rd baggage…

Has anyone used the Elektron EGB-1 gig bag with only two Elektron boxes in it? It is made to hold three and has padded dividers. I am wondering if the dividers or the boxes themselves will shift around without a third box in place. I have an Octatrack and a Machinedrum right now. A third box is inevitable in my future but it will be some time before that happens, I need something to carry my gear around in the mean time and would prefer to not have to buy anything new when I do get another Elektron box.

I’ve been considering this too. Do you carry any other gear that you could chuck in there as well, like a mixer?

I suppose you could also pad out the middle space and have your machines on the sides…

Not a mixer but I have some smaller gear that I could possibly use to fill the same space. Even then I’m still worried that some stuff might slip around inside. Currently my primary use will be for carrying an Analog Keys, Octatrack, and Machinedrum using two of these. I haven’t been carrying much more than that during my band practices. But we are prepping for some live shows so I will likely need to haul around more for gigs.

The dividers are Velcro pads and they are very rigid. So you adjust them to fit the devices and it holds them securely. Once the bag is closed it helps to keep them in place. I’ve used mine with two devices before I had 3 and it was fine. I just left the middle space open. I also use the dust covers so I’m not sure how it would work without those.

I’m also selling mine if you are interested :slight_smile:

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If you ship to EU (Germany) I might be interested :wink:

You can also get a chunk of foam of about the right size to fill up the empty space.

I have no problems shipping to EU as long as you are paying for it :smiley:

In a few days I’ll be a member of the ‘3 Elektron Tabletop Devices’ club (:elmd: :elmm: :elot:) and am looking for a solution to get them around town to occasional gigs. I have some pelican hard-cases for when I fly but they can be a bit big and cumbersome for local shows, so I’d like to do Gig Bag and maybe a single Pelican case for other gear (if needed) rather than trying to cram everything into both of my Pelicans.

I’ve noticed the big gig bag is no longer on Elektron’s site but still see some around US dealers. Still worth getting? And is it usable without the plastic covers? (I plan on getting those eventually too but the bag or other case is going to be pricey enough).

IMO the HPRC 2550W is the best solution for 3x Elektrons.

Somehow they figured out how to make these smaller on the outside than the Pelican 1510, yet roomier on the inside for 3x Elektron clearance.

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I picked up the gig bag for 3 devices, for occasional gigging I would say it’s fine without the covers. The units strap in well enough. Not sure about going on a plane etc like that though.

I’ll look into that HPRC. Couldn’t hurt to have another hard case and that looks a bit more manageable than the Pelican cases I currently have (I think they’re 1600’s - pretty beefy, not carry-on capable). Although the gig bag seems a bit more manageable and useful for local events… Hm…