OcTr as looper pedal visual feedback needed?

So, in the pursuit of finding a decent functional loop pedal (much harder that you might think) i have found a lot of good chances in the OT.

However, what i’m currently pondering,
having previously looped with boss-looper on floor and guitar in hand; i will be needing visual feedback from the machine right?

can OT send simple info for that? could be a midi note or whatever, but i suppose i need to see what track is in focus, and which state the recording is in.

one of the bigger problems there, can i turn off the erase+record mode?

Which floor pedal are you using? Would help to know…
MIDI note 64 (E) controls pickup play/stop which will turn the loop to playing from recording…

Each track on the OT has an LED indicator. The currently selected track will turn red while the others stay green - from what I recall. The LED can also turn yellow instead, but I forgot what that means, except you’re probably not going to be able to record to that track. Anyway, just configure your foot controller to send the MIDI note numbers to go up/down a Track.

I believe you have a choice of various recording modes.

I used a Roland FC-300 as my MIDI foot controller. Later I switched to a Softstep 2.

Thanks peeps. All sending TO the Octa is fine,

the problem is seeing which state the pickup machine is, when performing a stage with a guitar in front of you, simple not possible to see the display in that situation.

Muting and unmuting channels is no problems, but overdubbing and not mistakenly eraseoverdubbing is crucial.

Did that make sense?

Yes it’s quite difficult to even see the state in the display when you’re standing right over the screen looking at it. It’s literally like 1 or two pixels difference.

I have performed on stage with viola into OT so I understand what you are saying.

When I played gigs w/ the OT, I had it sitting in a case on top of a keyboard stand, to make it easier to see the little LCD screen.

As for not making mistakes while sampling oneself, I tried to prevent that by practicing w/ viola and OT at the same time - as often as possible. I wasn’t totally successful - meaning, I still made mistakes during gigs - but I survived.

The OT gives you at least two different ways to do anything, which can be confusing. That is why even OT users who program almost everything in advance, leaving only some easy tweaks for improv (eg. dance music - for a “live” element you play w/ knobs or something) will tell you that one has to practice playing the OT, as if it were an instrument.


I just press the A/B or C/D buttons and know what will happen because of rlen, qrec, and qpl, and haven’t needed any visual. This I explained a bit more in 64 step problem w 16 step pickup machine
With qrec at plen it gives me a moment before playing guitar, somewhere in there I press C/D. At some point I’ll get a foot pedal but not too bad as is…
I take it your foot pedal doesn’t have its own led toggle in the programming?
I have an NI rig Kontrol 3 but it’s not class compliant so I can’t use it direct to OT, but it has led behavior programming in its editor.

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the rehearsing is 100% part of how to do it, i’m more curious if it’s gonna be possible without introducing too many iffy steps, and simply not use the OT for that very purpose.

so i’m all up for practicing with device for years, just gotta figure out how

there are so many bad looper solutions:

rc-50, sucks because you cannot cue play (but you can cue rec, but when pressing play it starts to playback when u first hit rec, not where the sync started)

ableton, out of sync, the looper device is not high priority, and they have some serious problems with latency stability. (steinberg and cubase have had that working for decades now)

BUT, the OT seems to technically handle these situations, just trying to figure out how RISKY it will be

And yes. those pixels are small. maybe i should just find a way to increase the display size (gonna need to be creative)

sorry for fuzzy thoughts and ranting
hope i got some thoughts clear

Hang in there, I find the OT to be a very reliable looper, I’m all loop based…


thanks! I feel good about it. I just don’t want to hit the x=> erase+record mode in the middle of a song. maybe i could ask them electron people to make it possible to disable that erase mode

for undo i just stop the track and rec again

you can toggle between over dub and gain mode in the pickup page it allows you to overdub or stop overdubbing and carry on playing without recording and then you can re-harm record in the record page to erase it all and star fresh it takes a bit of time getting used to it…i’m gonna try it live tomorrow in camden at the canal cafe for the first time…

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Everybody who uses an OT for live looping onstage has gone through the same growing pains - hitting the wrong button combos, etc.

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also my one has a faulty button num 9 which can insert a trig on it’s own to add to the confusion i have to many gigs to send again not to impressed with that…