Octatrack/Yarns Clock Issue


Hi there! I was wondering if anyone might be able to help with an issue I’m having. My Octatrack does not seem to be sending clock to my Mutable Instruments Yarns Midi to CV converter. I have both send clock and send start/stop messages enabled on the Octatrack. What’s strange is that the Octactrack can send clock info totally fine to Ableton, and Yarns accepts the clock from Ableton with no issues. So the problem seems to be specific to the Octatrack sending clock to the Yarns.

Has anyone ever dealt with something like this? Any advice I might try?


No issue with intellijel umidi and octatrack, it seem to be yarns bad conf, i think…


More info


I have an Octatrack driving a 2M Layout, and get clock out of trigger 3, and start stop out of 4. So I know it works.

What is your yarns layout? What are your miding in/out settings on the OT? I am at work for the next 9 hours, but I can certainly sent out my exact OT settings when I get home.


Hey everyone–thanks so much for all your replies. As it turns out, the issue (as usual) seems to be user error. I must have just done some dumb patch with the clock that wouldn’t work regardless (a couple of different times eep), because I just set up a simple sample and hold patch and the clock is working fine from the Octatrack. I’m dumb. I do find it weird that the LED doesn’t flash for the gate on my Yarns, but maybe that’s just how it is and in any case if it works it work.

Thanks so much the responses y’all–I really appreciate it.