Octatrack won't stop sustaining notes, MIDI question


Hey all, scoured the forums but can’t seem to find a topic with the same issue. Basically, I have my Octatrack MIDI synced to a waldorf Blofeld. I can play the Blofeld from the Octatrack’s chromatic keyboard, however the Octa seems to always be sending a sustain pedal signal as well. The notes will continue to drone on until I change the preset on the Blofeld. I’ve even added the CC64 to the Octa’s effects page to try and cut the sustain, to no avail. I’ve also looked through the arp menu which does not seem to be the place.
I’ll post an update if I come across any other troubleshooting but cannot figure out how to trigger the note off with the Octa, thanks in advance for any advice!


Can you check with a midi monitor what the OT is sending, if it’s sending note off when you release the trig key?
The problem might as well be on the Blofelds side.


I thought it might be on the Blofeld’s side at first - have tested with 2 different midi keyboards with normal results to confirm it’s not the Blofeld.
I’m not sure how I could MIDI monitor the Octa but I’m willing to try! I can borrow a MIDI interface from a friend to get the Octa MIDI into my computer to monitor.
If that is the case, how could I setup the Octa to trigger note off when the trig is released?


Is the note length on the octatrack set to infinite? Does it have that setting in the midi sequencer? It does for triggering samples


Ah, yeah^^ Check if note lenght is set to inf!

IIRC Octatrack should send Note On and Velocity 100 when you press the trig key and Note Off after the note is released which is determined by the note length parameter.

So with a note lenght setting of 1/16 you should see Note On and Velocity 100 (on the Midi CH you set) on the midi monitor at the moment you press the trig key and immediately after that you should see Note Off.


Hey all thanks for the advice! The note length was set to 0 but absolutely a good thought. Weirdly enough, when I booted up the Octa just now I wasn’t able to replicate the issue :rofl:

My guess is I might’ve triggered something in the background to give value to the sustain CC64, and somehow couldn’t overrule that value when I mapped it to the Octa’s effect page. When I booted it up just now with the effect already mapped to CC64 it may have allowed for it to start in the ‘off’ position?

Not ruling out user error either lol, it may also be that my project has become buggy or corrupted. It’s an mk1 and has definitely seen it’s years of use, I have on very rare occasions had a project freeze on some paramenters but haven’t tested within different projects.__


This verifies rule number one again when stumbling over OT Mysteries:

Does a reboot solve it?



Examples? Mine is maybe more than 8 years old, I had a few freezes with midi loopback bad settings, otherwise nothing special.
Why would it bug more because it’s old?
It’s not a car or a human…

I’d rather change project if it’s not freezed.


Haha I was so wrapped up in troubleshooting I completely neglected rule #1!


I wish I had good examples - has only happened while playing out (although rarely) and usually am too focused on keeping the groove going to troubleshoot lol. When it happens in my studio I’ll definitely post a video. From when I was researching I think it was a stemming from my MIDI but never have been able to replicate successfully.